Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line 10-12 T/h Ceramic Tile Adhesive Dry Mortar Mixer Machines For Sale

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Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line 10-12 T/h Ceramic Tile Adhesive Dry Mortar Mixer Machines For Sale

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4.0*1.4*2.4 m
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Simple Dry Mix Mortar Production Line 10-12 T/h Ceramic Tile Adhesive Dry Mortar Mixer Machines For Sale such as dry mortar and putty powder, etc. The equipment configuration is simple and practical, occupies small space, low investment costs, low maintenance costs, and is ideal for small dry powder product processing plants. The standard configuration is as follows: Screw feeder, Spiral Ribbon Mixer, Finished product bin, Valve bag packing machine. The equipment listed above is the basic type of this type of production line. If you need to realize the automatic batching function of raw materials, you can add a batching scale bucket in the production line. If you need to reduce dust in the workplace and improve the working environment of the workers, you can add a small pulse dust collector. In short, we can do different scheme design and configuration according to your requirements.

1. Screw feeder
Screw conveyor with small hopper is used to lift the weighed material to the spiral ribbon mixer.

2.Spiral ribbon mixer
For mixing mortar, the mixing time of each batch is about3-5 minutes.

3.Screw conveyor
The mixed mortar is transferred from the mixer to the finished product bin.

4.Finished product bin
Square or round finished product bin can be made according to site condition and delivery condition.

5.Valve bag packing machine
Packing 10-50kg, fast packing speed, high weighing accuracy, high degree of automation, and simple operation.

Company Profile

Henan Sparda Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Xingyang Wulong Industrial Zone, Zhengzhou City, which is a collection of independent design, research and development, production, sales, as one of the professional machinery and equipment, dry mortar equipment,dry mortar mixer production line,real stone paint mixer production line, packaging machine ect.
Our factory has 15 years of design and development experience, in the quality of survival, to the credibility of security, to service first, widely received by the industry.Our factory's products have been exported to Asia, Africa, North America, South America, such as: Kazakhstan, Armenia, Malaysia, Romania and other countries, well received by foreign customers!

Our Customer Case

Pre-Sale Service:
Sparta's engineering team can provide you with complete production line design.
On-Sale Service: Sparta factory will manufacture the good quality machine.

All wear parts of Sparta is available at any time you need. Our engineer will provide you with spare parts scheme before sending to help you know when it is needed to change the parts so that to avoid any delay of production due to parts.

Our Advantages

1. The mixing speed is fast, multi-layer screw stirring, the overall movement speed of the material is fast, the output is high, the average stirring time is 2-3 minutes;
2. Low maintenance rate, bearing at both ends of the mixer, material is not easy to enter, equipped with reducer;
3. High mixing uniformity, multi-directional movement of mixing materials, multi-layer screws, mixing without dead Angle, good quality;
4. Small floor space, automatic feeding device, improve work efficiency;
5.U /O type cylinder structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life, widely used;
Mixer adopts screw lift feeding, feed port and ground level, feeding is convenient.

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1.In order to provide you the suitable quotation we need to know the following information:
1).What is the raw material for the production line?
2). What is the capacity per hour you required?
3). What is the maximum input size of the raw material?
4). What is the output size and application for the final product? Once we get your answers, I can provide you the best quotation immediately.

2.What about Warranty of the products?
Sparta Industrail grants our customers a twelve-month-period warranty from the date of delivery for machines exported from us.
During the warranty period, in case any defect of material or workmanship occurred with spare parts in normal operation, we will at our discretion replace or repair the defective parts freely.

3. The reason you choose Sparta Industrial :
1). Professional manufacturer of supplying Dry mortar production line equipment,exterior wall paint, drying machine equipment, high speed dispersing machine, true stone paint filling machine, packaging machine equipment and other mechanical equipment
2). Experienced and professional R&D team and manufacturing team;
3). Professional sales team consisted of dedicated, dynamic and innovative people with international version.
4). Professional logistics service ensuring safety and timely delivery of products all over the world through ocean, airline, road
and railway.

4.What is the difference between your machine and others’?
Every machine is unique and has its pros and cons, as is every mine site. We can help you decide your unique situation and decide which tool is right for your job.

5.If you want to know more about our machine equipment, please send us inquiry or contact us directly.

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