polyaluminium chloride / Yellow polyaluminium chloride|/Polyaluminium chloride for water treatment

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Product Overview


Polyaluminium chloride / Yellow polyaluminium chloride|/Polyaluminium chloride for water treatment

Product Description

Poly aluminium chloride purity from 25% to 30%, water treatment  chemical


Polyaluminium Chloride PAC 30%, poly aluminium chloride 30%, water treatment chemical PAC 
Al2O3 purity from 26% to 30%

Water Insolubles: max1.0%
HS code:3824909990
delivery in 10days

Fe contral in 0.02%

 Polyaluminium chloride solid type is White, and yellow/deep yellow powder for drinking water/waste water treatment.

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3.Product  Properties and  Advantages:   


1. Good effective and lower cost.

Its purifying effect on low-temperature, low-turbidity and heavily organic polluted raw water is much better than other organic flocculant, furthermore, the treatment cost is lower.


2. Flocculation ability .

It can lead to quick formation of flocculantwith big size and rapid precipitation service life of cellular filter of sedimentation basin.


3. PH broad in scope.

It can adapt to a wide range of pH value (5−9), and can reduce the pH value and basicity after processing.


4.Adopting to various source of water.

 The dosage is smaller than that of other flocculants. It has wide adaptability to the waters at different temperatures and at different regions.


5. Higher basicity, lower corrosive, easy for operation, and long-term use of non-occlusion.



It is widely applied in drinking water purification, domestic sewage and industrial watse water treatment.


Drinking water treatment:


Quality Standard:








Water insoluble matter:

≤ 0.6


≤ 0.0002


≤ 0.001


≤ 0.0002


≤ 0.0005


≤ 0.00001


Industrial wastewater treatment:


Quality Standard:








Water insoluble matter:

≤ 1.5


≤ 5.0


≤ 0.006


≤ 0.0015


We can offer COA, MSDS, Our factory is a ISO certificated factory, with OHSAS certificate also.

We are the biggest Alums salts factory located in Southern China.

 PAC Close-up photos

Packaging & Shipping

Solid :PP woven bag with PE lined bag (25kgs/bag) or PE bag (20 kgs/bag)


The product shall be sealed and stored in the dry and ventilated place to prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight.

Our Services

Samples FREE, and OEM/ODM allowed

Custmesed sample take 2-4day

Before shipment goods inspection

We offer free room and board for the customer inspector of thier goods



Company Information


 1, Company info

Hengyang Jianheng Industry Development Co. Ltd is Established in year 1958, We are a organization Mainly engaged in aluminum products and water treatment agent series products development, production, operation. Our range of chemicals is used in various industries such as textiles, water treatment,  printing of books & posters and paint. 


Our trademark "Lotus" was named in China.  

Jianheng Industrial park located in Songmu Economic Development Zone, Hengyang city.  and occupying area of 100,000 square meters, invested nearly 200 million yuan, Company passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, 


We are happy to make domestic and overseas friends on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and friendly cooperation. 

 Let’s join hands and endeavor for the water purification, environment-protection and the construction of a beautiful homeland.




The competitive advantage of product line:

They mainly export to Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia and South Asia. They can be supplied according to clients' requirements.


Production Capacity:

Product Line NameProduction Line CapacityActual Units Produced(Previous Year)
ChemicalsAluminium Ammonium Sulphate, 3,000 Tons/Month; Zinc Sulphate, 6,000 Tons/Month; Aluminium Sulphate, 8,000 Tons/Month; Poly Aluminium Chloride 5,500 Tons/Month; Poly Ferrous Sulfate, 2,000 Tons/MonthAluminium Ammonium Sulphate, 3,0000 Tons; Zinc Sulphate, 6,0000 Tons; Aluminium Sulphate, 12,000 Tons; Poly Aluminium Chloride 60,500 Tons; Poly Ferrous Sulfate, 20,000 Tons.

Export Market Distribution:

MarketRevenue(Previous Year)Total Revenue (%)
Northern EuropeUSD 6,2440.03
Domestic MarketUSD 20,000,000.0098.20
South AmericaUSD23,4900.13
Eastern EuropeUSD 33,8830.17
Southeast AsiaUSD 70,0000.35
AfricaUSD 15,0000.08
Western AsiaUSD 165,0000.82
Eastern AsiaUSD 42,0120.22


Production Machinery:

Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Aluminium Sulphate Production LineNo Information85Acceptable
PAC Sray Tower 23Qualified
PAC roller line 45Qualified

Testing Machinery:

Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Strength TesterYHKC-2A14Acceptable

Real Case for Lower MOQ:

Products NameMOQ(in the last 12month)
Zinc Sulphate

25 Tons/20GP

Products NameMOQ(in the last 12month)
Aluminium  Sulphate

25 Tons/20GP


Products NameMOQ(in the last 12month)
Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate

25 Tons/20GP


Products NameMOQ(in the last 12month)
Aluminium Potassium Sulphate

25 Tons/20GP


Products NameMOQ(in the last 12month)
Poly Aluminium Chloride



Real Case for Large Contract:

Products Name

Order(in the last 12month)
Aluminium Sulphate18,000 Tons

Products NameOrder(in the last 12month)
Ammonium Alum12,000 Tons


Products NameOrder(in the last 12month)
Potassium Alum6,000 Tons


Products NameOrder(in the last 12month)
Poly Aluminium Chloride8,000 Tons


Short Lead Time:

Products NameOrder(in the last 12month)Shortest Lead Time
Zinc Sulphate, Aluminium Sulphate, Ammonium Alum, Potash Alum, PAC25 Tons5 Days after deposit


Testing Report:

Report PictureReport NameReport ByProduct Name & Model No.Report Date
 Product Test ReportSGSPoly Aluminium Chloride2017/11/06
Product Test ReportIntertekPoly Aluminium Chloride2017/09/15
Product Test ReportSGSAluminium Sulphate




2, Aluminium Sulphate production and cooling line, and Poly aluminium chloride production dryer 




DeliveryWork Team

 Our products for export, including:

Aluminium sulphate, ferric and without ferric, purity from 15.6% to 17%


Poly Aluminium Chloride, for industry grade and drinking water grade, purity from 27% to 30%, appearance in normal yellow and high quality purity white PAC.


Potassium alum and Ammonium Alum, purity ≥99.5%, food grade.


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any questions please email us, we alway hope to discuss with you about  the products application, cooperation and other more issue. Be our partner or let us be your partner ~



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