Portable Headspace Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Gas Analyzer

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Product Overview


Product Description

C650H Headspace Gas Analyzer is of professional structure design and is with high-precision sensor, the O2 Content in sealed bags,bottles, cans and other hollow packaging containers can be accurately and conveniently determined. Meanwhile, with the selectionof test accessories, CO2 can also be tested. It is suitable for the production line, warehouse, laboratory and other scenes to quickly and accurately evaluate the content of O2 and CO2 in the gas, so as to guide the production.

Product Features

* The new ceramic oxygen sensor developed by Labthink has the characteristics of high precision and good repeatability.
* Ceramic oxygen sensor is non consumption type and has long service life.
* PC material operation panel, menu interface, LCD display, easy to operate and view the results.
* The system supports Chinese and English bilingual operating environment to meet the needs of different language users.
* The microcomputer control system can analyze and process the test data and output the report.
* It is easy to print the test results at any time with the embedded micro printer.
* The system has built-in data storage to meet the needs of large amount of data storage.
* Portable, easy to use in laboratory or production sites.
* Equipped with RS232 interface and professional software, which convenient for computer connection and data import and export.

It is suitable for the determination of O2 and CO2 (optional) content in non negative pressure pouches, packaging bags of coffee,cheese, milk tea, milk powder, bread, soybean powder, modified atmosphere packaging, ready to eat food, medicine and other non negative pressure packaging bags.
Packaging Containers
It is suitable for the determination of O2 and CO2 (optional) in canned coffee, canned milk powder, canned food, cheese, canned,Tetra Pak, beverage and other packaging containers
Ampoule Bottles
It is suitable for testing the concentration of O2 and CO2 (optional) in the head gas of ampoules

Type of Gas Measured
O2 (Standard)
CO2 (optional)
Measuring Range
Measurement Accuracy
Sample Size
≥ 5ml (standard atmosphericpressure)
≥ 20ml (standardatmospheric pressure)
350mm (L) × 330mm(W) ×200mm(H)
Power Supply
220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
Net Weight
5.5 kg

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Note: this is just a sample packaging. We Labthink cares all instruments that we are sending to customers.

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