280ml Blueberry flavour Chia seed Drink

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280ml Blueberry Flavour Chia Seed Drink Chia Seed Drink Grape Flavor.jpgChia Seed Drink Mango Flavor.jpgChia Seed Drink Mix Fruit Flavor.jpgChia Seed Drink Orange Flavor.jpgChia Seed Drink Strawberry Flavor.jpg

 No artificial flavors,no colors,no preservatives,more secure,more healthy

Flavors juice: Optional,fruit juice,apple,grape,orange,pineapple,banana,passion,dragon,mangosteen, mango, ...

Volume: 280ml Glass botte

Quantity per carton: 24bottle

Expiry date: 18 months


We provide OEM and private label service.

Nutrition facts 



Omega 3

















28 g

Vitamin PP







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1. Chia seeds also known as Salvia is a food that contains rare nutrients in the food world, especially those nutrients that we can hardly be supplemented by supplements such as high quality fertilizer but not containing cholesterol; Minerals (phosphorus, calcium, iron, ..); Fiber 3.5 times compared to oat fiber; Omega-3-6-9 (8x salmon); Antioxidants equal to fruits Bluberries, ..

 2.Chia Seeds are grown naturally, by insects do not like vegetable oils should not support pollinate trees in the process, that is why growers divided particles not need to use pesticides or chemicals to care, safety.
External shape, divided particles look like sesame seeds or nuts or é, however, through research, scientists have affirmed, dividing particles have greater nutritional value than the 2 nuts.
Nutritional components in the county divided
Only 45 gr 3 tablespoons chia seeds will give you the nutrients for 1 day:
Calories: 11%
Vitamin B1 20% Magnesium 38%
Vitamin B2 5% Zinc 14%
Vitamin B3 Omega-3 21% 79%
Vitamin B9 6% Omega-6 40%
30% iron, 62% Fiber
Calcium 30% 61% Manganese
Selenium 35% Phosphorus 39%
Potassium (x1.4 Bananas) 6% Protein 12%

 3. Omega 3: Omega -3 in Chia Seed has 8 times higher than salmon. In particular, the food does not contain cholesterol helps protect the heart.
- Calcium: Calcium is contained in grain volume split 5 times higher than milk.
- Protein: Chia seeds contain 23% protein, much higher than other grains such as wheat (13.7%), corn (9.4%), rice (6.5%), oats (16.9%) and barley (12.5%).
- Fibre content of fiber in chia seeds 100g 1.6 times higher than barley, oats 2.6 times, 2.3 times in wheat, maize and 9.8 times 8.3 times rice.
- Iron: The iron content in the grain division contains 6 times higher than spinach, 1.8 times and 2.4 times lentils beef liver ...


 The primary use of Chia Seeds

 1. Divided particles will be used to lose weight and fight obesity: Divided particles containing large amounts of fiber to help create a feeling of fullness quickly, supporting the digestive system operate efficiently. Use divided particles enough energy supplements help to mobilize without overeating, remove excess fat in the body.


2. Chia Seed good for people with diabetes: Use divided particles help us reduce cravings sweets, stable blood sugar levels. Divided particles may swell to 2 times when water is added to make up 1 soft gel. Thanks to the gel in the stomach which sugars are slower and are more permeable to values lower glycemic index helps prevent diabetes. 

3. Chia Seed good for your heart: Divided particles containing high omega 3 are good for your heart, our body can not synthesize omega 3 are, therefore divided particles is known to be a great source of nutrition. Omega 3 is beneficial in helping lamgiam cholesterol, maintain cardiovascular function and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Moreover, using split nuts also help blood circulation, preventing arteriosclerosis and stroke.

 4. Chia Seed good for digestion: Grain fiber in the higher division and other foods, including 80% insoluble fiber and 20% soluble fiber enhances intestinal health, stimulates the digestive system operate more efficiently . Divided nutrients from grains also helps eliminate cholesterol deposited in the gut, reducing the risk of intestinal diseases, including colon cancer, fight disease and constipation. 

5. Divided particles of energy supplements, anti-aging:  Divided particles containing high protein enhances the energy for regular exercise. in foods also contain antioxidants that help remove toxins for the body, beautiful skin. The amount of antioxidants in nuts 100g 1 of ORAC CHIA provides 7 times the body's needs, more effective anti-aging.

 6. Good for the nervous system:  Chia Seed contain omega 3 high split regeneration system helps nerve cells, good for the brain, so the elderly and children should use foods. 

7. Divided particles beautiful skin and hair: In divided particles containing ALA Omega 6 against the growth of free radicals,  

8. Divided particles vitamins and minerals:  Divided particles that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals has the ability to enhance energy, eliminating free radicals, regular physical activity helps people quickly recovered.  

9. Good for vegetarians: For vegetarians can use to supplement county divided as nitrogen nutrients, protein and other essential minerals substitute for meat ...


VINUT approved by all the international certificates




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