Zinc Oxide CAS No 1314-13-2 for Rubbers/for Sunscreen Cosmetics competitive price strict quality management good packing

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Product Overview


Product Description


We are in good position to supply zinc oxide (99%, 99.5%) in direct method process and 99.5% and 99.7% grade produced in indirect method process for rubber, pain, medicine, printing ink, cable, electronics, papermaking, enamel, match, cosmetic and other chemical industrial applications.

1) White powder
2) Stable under normal temperature
3) Good hiding power and coloring power
4) Insoluble in water and alcohol
5) Soluble in acid, alkali and ammonium solution

Items Index
Zinc oxide(counted by dried subtances )%≥             99.7       99.5       99.4
Mental Zinc Zn %≤                                                    0.008
Lead oxide( Pb ) %≤                                                 0.037     0.05       0.14
Cupric oxide( Cu ) %≤                                              0.0002   0.0004   0.0007
Manganic oxide ( Mn) %≤                                         0.0001   0.0001   0.0003
Hydrochloric indissoluble substance %≤                  0.006     0.008     0.05
Burning decrement %≤                                             0.20       0.20       0.20
Water dissoluble %≤                                                 0.10       0.10       0.15
105°C volatile substances %≤                                  0.3         0.4         0.5
Sieve residue(45um)                                                0.10        0.15       0.20



Packaging & Shipping

net 25kgs In polyethylene film bag with outer polypropylene woven bag;
20MT per 20'fcl or to be discussed


shipping : within 10 days after order confirmation



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Biddle Sawyer Fortune Chem ( Asian Sales Division of Biddle Sawyer New York ) sells proven
quality on a regular basis.


Contact Point :
Mr.  S. M. Kang, CEO
Mr.  Jingu Kang, Manager

Tel : 82-(0)51-701-9121
Fax : 82-(0)51-701-9125


Please click “ CONTACT SUPPLIER “ above so that we may reply therein or inform you the person in charge name and his/her email address and company website.

All Payment including shipping documents procedure and strict quality management to be done by Biddle Sawyer New York in cooperation with very well-trained ( including TBM : Time Based Management ) Biddle Sawyer’s overseas offices and affiliations




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Custom Manufacturing and Development Capabilities


R&D at 6 labs (affiliate or contract)
~350 Chemists at 6 facilities in USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, India and Finland
~40 PhD's, ~120 M.S.; External consultants welcomed
~400 combined hoods
Up to 100L vessels in labs

Development Services
Tech Transfer
Process R&D
Analytical Development
Custom Synthesis; FTE
Kilo lab production
Analytical Equipment
Production Capabilities
Production at 6 plants (affiliate or contract)
>150 vessels at 6 facilities in USA, China, Korea, Taiwan and Finland
>2000m3 capacity
Vessels from 300L to 10,000L
Temps from -80 to 350C
Production Services
Tech Transfer
Scale Up
Pilot to large commercial scale

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