Top sale Grade A Wheat Flour Turkish made available for export

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Product Overview


We are one of the top organizations that manufacture and supply high quality Wheat Flour. Our wheat flour is made from premium grade Wheat that is carefully selected and processed using modern technology to ensure that no impurities are there. We pack freshly grinned Wheat Flour to ensure nutrients are kept intact. We strictly follow industry guidelines to make sure that our wheat flour is safe and hygienic for consumption.




Quality Characteristics

High Grade

First grade

Second Grade

Whole grain wheat flour “Zhitnitsa”


White or white with a cream hue

White or white with a yellowy hue

White or white with a yellowy or grayish hue

White or white with a yellowy hue

Ash content

max. 0,55%

max. 0,75%

max. 1,25%

max.  1,9%


min. 54%

min. 36%

min. 12%

max. 11%

Raw gluten

min. 28%

min. 30%

min. 25%

min. 20%


min. 11%

min. 12,5%

min. 13%

min. 15%

Moisture content

max. 14%

max. 14%

max. 14%

max. 13%


1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 kg

25, 50 kg

0.0133 s.