Electric High Torque Small 12v Brushless Dc Motor HL-180DC-1

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Electric High Torque Small 12v Brushless Dc Motor HL-180DC-1 


mini 36v dc solar water pum for agriculture Features:


1, DC12V/24V, low-voltage, safe, NO.1 aquarium submersible pump in china.


2, 100% copper motor, brushless, non-pollution, small size with high efficient ,long life span.


3, maintenance-free, low consumption, good anti-jamming ability, low noise and stable…


4, super energy saving 50%.


5, Small size, high efficiency, maintenance-free, low consumption, strong anti-jamming ability, stable performance.


6, Brushless with no pollution, long life span.


7, Adopt silicone foot to absorb vibration &reduce noise,easy for installation.


8, Stator and control circuits are completely sealed by epoxy resin completely separated with rotor, waterproof,


    avoided water-leakage problem which long exists in normal DC motor pump products.


9, Protection functions can be customized such as lock protection, dry-run protection and so on.


10, Reduced the mortality to 0.05% after long-time study by R&D dep.


11, Suitable for submersible installation or land use (should be located below fluid level).


12, Offer ODM serve for pump and other controller system.


mini 12v dc solar water pump for agriculture Specification:


Flow rate150L/H(40G/H)
Flow controlYes
Outlet connection8mm
Size37X37X29 mm
ApprovedGS, CE, UL, CUL, SAA
Operateing Voltage12VDC


Professionals for a variety of handicrafts, a rockery, fountain garden dedicated, aquarium tank,  water fountains and other decorative works.






1, Risk of electric shock is certain that it is connected only to properly grounding-type receptacle.

2, Do not connect to any voltage other than that shown on the pump.

3, Do not pump flammable liquids

4, To reduce the risk of electrical shock, use only on portable self-contained fountains no larger than 5 feet in any dimension.

5, Do not use with water above 35C (95F).

6, Operate pump completely submerged for proper cooling.

7, Not for swimming pool.




1, To clean the pump, remove the back cover and the impeller.

2, Use a small brush or stream of water to remove any debris.




1, Check the circuit breaker and try another outlet to ensure the pump is getting electrical power. 
Check the pump discharge and tubing for kinks and obstructions. Algae build up can be flushed out with a garden hose.
Check the inlet to ensure it is not clogged with debris.
4, Remove the pump inlet to access the impeller area. Turn the rotor to ensure it is not broken or jammed.

5, Monthly maintenance will add to your pump's life.

6, We guarantee our products for a period of 12 months.

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Holinpump Company Profile: 


Zhongshan Holinpump manufacturer of all kind of pumps(such as amphibious ECO pumps, fountain pumps, submersible filter pumps, solar DC pumps, air pumps), aquarium tank, Garden lighting, mist maker, power adapter,air stones and some other accessories ...which are with the nature of efficiency, power saving, safety and style and other accessories to the world, over 14 years. All of our products are carefull tested.




Electric High Torque Small 12v Brushless Dc Motor HL-180DC-1

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