drip irrigation NPK fertilizer Liquid PK 30-20

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Product Overview




1. Property

AGROPLUS is a soil and foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer derived from phosphorous acid. Phosphorous is one of the major elements essential for plant growth. AGROPLUS is derived from phosphorous acid making it different from traditional phosphorus fertilizers that are derived from phosphoric acid. Upon foliar application the phosphorus in AGROPLUS can be taken up directly by the plant leaves and used by the plant. AGROPLUS stimulates the plants natural immune system helping to prevent disease. AGROPLUS is an all-purpose nutritional supplement for fruits vegetables ornamentals turf trees and gardens.


1) Anti-hard water AGROPLUS reduce water pH by applying directly into hard water

2) Anti-clogging AGROPLUS dissolve carbonate and bicarbonates, avoids clogging of pipes and drippers;

3) Increase nutrients uptake AGROPLUS increases the mobility and uptake of less mobile nutrients in soil, make them available for plant roots.

2. Specification

Appearance: colorless liquid

Available P2O5: 30%

Soluble potash K2O: 20%

H3PO3: 500g/L

3. Application

Foliar spray 1: 500-1000

Soil application: 1:400-800

4. Package and storage

Package: It is available in 1 L, 5 L, 20L/Bottle &200L/Barrel

Storage: In sealed and damp-proof place.



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