Zirconia ceramics foam honeycomb filter for carbon steel, steel alloy and stainless steel casting foundry

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Zirconia ceramic foam filter has a unique three-dimensional uniform pore structure, withstands temperatures up to about 1700°C. It is characterized by high porosity, high chemical stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock and corrosion from molten steel liquid. Zirconia ceramic foam filter can effectively remove inclusions, reduce trapped gas from liquid metal and provide laminar flow when applied as filter in gating system, and then the filtered metal is significantly cleaner. Cleaner metal results in higher-quality castings, less scrap, and fewer inclusion defects, all of which contribute to bottom-line profit.

Zirconia CFF Application Scope
Zirconia ceramic foam filter is used for molten all types of steel like unalloyed, low alloyed, stainless and high-alloyed as well as Nickel and Cobalt based super-alloys casting.

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