Water purification systems scrubber towr venturi scrubber

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Water purification systems scrubber towr venturi scrubber 


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scrubber towr performance characteristics:
       (1) physical properties: scrubber towr is particularly stable in water, in the water 14h water absorption rate of only 0.01%. Molecular weight of about 8 to 15 million between the good shape.
       (2) mechanical properties: scrubber towr of high crystallinity, structured, and thus has excellent mechanical properties, its strength and hardness, elasticity than high-density PE (HDPE) high. (7 × 10 ^ 7) times of opening and closing of bending bending without damage marks, dry friction coefficient and nylon similarity.
       (3) thermal properties: scrubber towr has good heat resistance, melting point of 164 ~ 170 ℃, the product can be above 100 ℃ temperature sterilization. In the role of external force, 150 ℃ is not deformed. Brittle into -35 ℃, below -35 ℃ will occur embrittlement, heat resistance than PE.
       (4) chemical stability: scrubber towr has good chemical stability, in addition to being concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid erosion, the other various chemical reagents are relatively stable, but low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons can make PP softening and swelling, chemical stability with the increase of crystallinity also increased. Therefore, PP for the production of chemical pipes and fittings in Russia, anti-corrosion effect is good.
       (5) Electrical properties: scrubber towr high-frequency insulation performance, because it is almost non-absorbent, so the insulation properties from humidity, a higher dielectric constant, and with the temperature rise, can be used to produce heat Of the electrical insulation products, the breakdown voltage is also high, suitable for electrical accessories.
       (6) Weatherability: scrubber towr is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, adding zinc oxide thiopropionic acid lauryl resin, carbon black similar cream filler can improve its anti-aging properties.


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Company Information 





Company Information


Our company is located in shenzhen shajing whampoa, is the collection of PP sheet, PP molding duct, PP unibody elbow, PP air valve, PP a integrated to strengthen the flange and various kinds of PP ventilation accessories production, sales for the integration of enterprises, and for ventilation environmental protection engineering provide PP exhaust tower, activated carbon adsorption tower, PP large diameter pipe and the production of various non-standard PP ventilation equipment or to map, processing business.Our company have professional ventilation accessories and auxiliary equipment, can largely save production cost and production time for the customer, and shorten the construction period.This product is mainly suitable for industry, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental pollution such as acid proof, anticorrosive engineering enterprise, use plastic manufactured goods with low cost, light weight, convenient installation, long life and other advantages, widely used in many developed countries in the world to early, with plastic instead of steel also has been widely used in our country.I companies adhering to the "quality first, scientific management, pay attention to credibility" for the purpose of constantly absorb the introduction, the independent development of new products.




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gas desulfurization activated carbon distributor



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gas desulfurization activated carbon distributor






1. Q. Are you a trading company or manufacture?


   A:   We are manufacture; we have our professional manufacturing teams and technicians



2. Q. How long is the warranty of your equipment?


  A:  One year warranty, in the meanwhile, quality inspection before delivery; during the warranty period, we can replace the damaged consumables for free, after the warranty period, we have a good price for consumables for our customers.



3. Q: Do you have technical support?


  A: Our Company is responsible for installation and debugging of equipment, meanwhile, responsible for the technology and operation training for user operator.



4.   Q:  Is overseas after-sales service available?


A: Yes, and after installation we will teach you basic operation and maintenance method.


5.   Q:  May I customize my own equipment?


A: Yes, please inform us your needs in details and we will design the facility per your data.




gas desulfurization activated carbon distributor
gas desulfurization activated carbon distributor


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