Mini cnc mill machine with 4 tools ATC SP2213A

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                      Sumore Mini CNC Milling Machine with 4 ATC 
1.Machine operating system for SIEMENS802S system that can control three axes: X, Y, Z-axis linear interpolation.
2.Automatic intermittent lubrication.
3.CNC control system could be adapted by step motor or servo motor, providing good cost-effective scheme to customers.
4.Machine stand and machine body are designed separately for easy and flexible installment by the user.
5.The high speed, high precision, high rigidity spindle unit
6.Full guard   
7.The individual components of the machine can also be customized according to customer specific needs
8.The high accuracy pitch compensation, the drive shaft adopts high precision laser measuring instrument compensation make each axis positioning accuracy is more accurate, more suitable for processing high precision parts and mold manufacturing
9.4 tools ATC.
10.4th driver and socket installed as optional
11.New design exterior
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