Electronic Digital Fuel Flow Meter Diesel Fuel Oil OGM Flow Meter

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ogm flow meter

Electronic Digital Fuel Flow Meter Diesel Fuel Oil OGM Flow Meter


  • The OGM Series oval rotor positive displacement flow meters will measure your high or varying viscosity liquids.

  • The body takes high pressures and is available in either aluminum PPS.

  • The meter can be supplied with a low cost mechanical totaliser or an LCD display mounted on the top of the flow meter.

  • We have a range of instruments to suit all your requirements.

  • The rotors are either ryton (PPS) or stainless steel making it suitable for a wide range of fuels, oils and chemicals.

  • The OGM Series operates on the oval rotor principle. Two oval rotors rotate on stainless steel shafts and sweep the measuring chamber. Each revolution of the rotors measures a precise volume of liquid through the meter. This volume is independent of the viscosity and density of your liquid.

  • You can mount the flow meter either horizontally or vertically and can use it in either pumped or gravity feed applications. An upstream filter is recommended to prevent particles damaging your flow meter.


 Technical Specification
 Model OGM-25 OGM-40 OGM-50 OGM-25/E/P OGM-40/E/P OGM-50/E/P
  Size 25mm40mm50mm25mm40mm50mm
 Min Flow 20L/min 25L/min 30L/min 20L/min 25L/min30L/min
 Max Flow 120L/min 250L/min 300L/min120L/min 250L/min300L/min
 Accuracy +/-0.5%+/-0.5%+/-0.5%+/-0.5%+/-0.5%+/-0.5%
 Repeatability <0.03%<0.03%<0.03%<0.03%<0.03%<0.03%
 Max.Viscosity 1000cps1000cps1000cps1000cps1000cps1000cps
 Pressure 0.3Mpa0.3Mpa0.3Mpa0.3Mpa0.3Mpa0.3Mpa


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  1. No specific requirements on the front and back of the flow meter pipeline, it can be installed horizontally or vertically.
    During the installation, this flow meter axis of rotation should be parallel to the ground;

  2. The direction of the flow meter installation should be the same as shown in the direction of the arrow with the liquid flow
    to the meter shell; installation position should pay attention to the ease of reading.

  3. The flow meter should be installed on the output end of the pump, if installed in the suction side, the pressure loss of the
    flow meter filter will lead to the increase of the pump negative suction pressure, the liquid at the outflow of the pump shaft
    also causes the flow meter error increases, the flange of the pump suction side should be designed to prevent leakage,
    otherwise, it can also cause the error increases to the flow meter.

  4. A filter should be installed at the front of the flow meter, to prevent greater than 0.2 mm tiny particles blocking the flow
    meter, and the filter should be easy to clean.

  5. The flow meter is preferably mounted in front of the one-way valve, only unidirectional flow of the liquid within the pipe, to
    prevent the reverse rotation of the counting gear.

  6. The flow meter recommendations shown , the bypass valve can be installed in the vertical or the other
    direction of the pipeline, from the top down, from bottom to top, right to left, from left to right.

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