Hall Pulse Output High Viscosity Grease Micro Grease Oval Gear Flow Meter

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Product Overview


Hall Pulse Output High Viscosity Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

Product Description

JSN Flow Meter is Top 10 Manufacturer since 1987

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What's the introduction of Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter?

Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter is a kind of oval gear flow meter ,along to positive displacement flow meter. there is thousands of manufacturers who can produce oval gear flow meter. but only several manufacturer who have technology to produce micro liquid flow meter.

Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter offer the highest accuracy and measure for various viscosity liquid. special patent technology to measure flow from 0.1ml/min and ensure working life more 5 years.

Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter is wildly used for various industries for precision measurement. So far it has been serviced for more 100 using condition, such as fuel oil measurement, Adhesive control ,Hydraulic life cycle testing, electrolyte dosing, natural gas odorization.

What's the main features of Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter?    

1) Anti-dust,anti-vibration,anti-corrosive&explosion-proof.
2) Max accuracy up to 0.2%
3) Min flow : 0.1ml/min
4) Max temperature: 200C

5) Max pressure: 1000bar

6) Viscosity liquid:0.3~10000cps.

Technical Parameters of Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter                             


Flow range



0.5~150 ml/min

G1/8  female thread


3-300 ml/min

G1/8  female thread


5-1000 ml/min

G1/8  female thread


0.5-100 l/H

G1/4  female thread


6-600 l/H

G1/4  female thread


0.3~30 L/min

G1/2  female thread


0.5-100 l/min

G1  female thread



G1 1/2 female thread



G2 female thread



0.5% or  0.2%,






square-wave pulse(reed switch or hall sensor)




SS316L or anodized aluminum 


The liquids has been pass tested by JSN  Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter

oildyesodorizationadbrasive adhesive
greasepetrochemicalsisocyanate two-component mixers
paintsadhesiveink waterbased liquid
skydrolbrake fluidhydraulic oilsealant
gear oillow viscositylubracatingmethylbenzene
DieselMethanolmethyl alcoholmedium viscosity
polyolhigh viscosityoffset inkToluene
lacquerlow lubricityresinPharmaceuticals
solventcavity waxwaxclear lacquer
glycolglycerinsodium hydroxidecaustic soda
corn oilcocoanut oilmolassesbhylene
palm oilolive oillard oilcotton oil
soy bean oilrosin oilrape seed oildimethylthylsufid DMS
liquefied gasperfumearomatic substancepharmaceutical
peanut oilfluid foodthioethertetrahydrothiophen THT

Real Details

 More 30 years’ Technology to Focus Details

measuring flow meter.jpg 

measuring flow meter.jpg 

measuring flow meter.jpg 

measuring flow meter.jpg

measuring flow meter.jpg 

Below is real photos of Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter in using condition for your reference.

measuring flow meter.jpg

Our Services

 JSN Flow Meter No Quality Complaints  in  3 Consecutive Years 

1) JSN flow meter is top 10 manufacturer.

2) We have about 30 years experience in manufacturing.

3) Our products have been exported to more 100 countries and area.

4) 100% QC inspection Before Shippment.

5) ISO,CE,  standard and factory price. 

6) Patent technology and Working life is more 5 years.


Who use Grease Micro Oval Gear Flow Meter?

JSN flow meter is the Benchmark Manufacturer in Automation Instrumentation Industry      

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Dear Purchasing Mager.


JSN Flow Meter is a family business since 1987,now we are the Top 10 manufacturer through  years of concentrated efforts.all CNC maching is famous brand in world .the cutting accuracy is up to 0.001mm. all parts of JSN flow meter must be passed 100% inspected. it ensure working life of JSN flow meter is more 5 years.


JSN Micro Flow Meter has most excellent and professional engineers who have endless pursuit for excellent performance and high quality. every features of JSN flow meter has reached world level, such min flow:0.1ml/min, pressure up to 1000bar,temperature is up to 200C, etc. So far, 80% of JSN flow meters is mainly for exporting and more 100countries.


You can check parameters with your clients as below table.

Using condition:              Qty: 
Medium Corrosive or Non 
Min flow Viscosity 
Normal flow Working temperature 
Max flow Working pressure 
If for flow monitor:
Do you need to display total flow or current ? or both ?
If for dosing:
How many litres per batch ? and how long it takes ?


Now We look forward to have cooperation with you!

Best regards.

David lee





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