Polysulphide Rubber Sealant for Caulking Concrete Joints

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Product Overview


Polysulphide Rubber Sealant for Caulking Concrete Joints
Component: Part A ( polysulphide rubber) + Part B ( curing agent)
Jingtong polysulphide sealant Pour Grade, is polysulphide based elastic sealant for vertical and horizontal expansion joints. which effectively seals joints that are subject to structural or thermal movements as well as non-moving joints. Against infiltration of water and dirt. Available in no sag and pouring grades for use in vertical or horizontal joints. Jingtong Polysulphide sealant PG grade provides a durable elastomeric, weather-tight seal for caulking joints in commercial and industrial projects. It is particularly effective where exposure to solvents or chemicals are anticipated.
--Highly elastomeric-easily accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movements. Very good chemical and temperature resistance.
--Exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete.
--High resistance to aging influences, physical damages and climate extremes.
--Very good resistance to fuel, dilute acids and dilute alkalis.
--Sealing of expansion and contraction joints in most structures, interior and exterior.
--Sealing of glazed units, curtain walling systems and similar structures where thermal movement can be high and large variations in wind pressure are possible.
--In difficult situations such as sewage farms, reservoirs, swimming pools, fountains, cooling towers, fuel and chemical storage tanks, wastewater treatment and petrochemical plants.where non biodegradation of sealant is very important.
--Bridge decks and associated abutments.
Polysulphide Rubber Sealant for Caulking Concrete Joints
Polysulphide Rubber Sealant for Caulking Concrete Joints
☞The construction personnel must be trained and qualified before they can take up the post for operation, fully grasp the construction safety technology and quality standards that should be known and understood, and strengthen the awareness of safety and quality.
☞On site construction personnel must wear flat soled soft shoes, and shall not wear shoes with roots, nails and hard soles to avoid damage and impact on the construction surface quality.
☞The construction personnel shall wear work clothes and wear protective equipment (safety belt, helmet, protective glasses,protective gloves, etc.) before construction and operation.
☞Inflammable and explosive materials are not allowed to be stored around the construction site and working face.
☞During the sealant construction on the top of box culvert, corresponding safety protection measures shall be taken, and safety officer shall be appointed for supervision.
☞The materials on site shall be placed in order and shall not be discarded or piled up randomly.
☞When mixing glue on site, it shall not leak out. After mixing, it shall be covered and protected to prevent dust from entering.
☞After the completion of gluing, the sealant spilled carelessly shall be cleaned in time.
☞When the mobile operation platform moves, the operators on the platform must stand on the bottom plate of the box culvert and shall not take people to move.
Packing & Delivery
Iron barrel packaging:
The net weight of two-component Polysulphide Rubber Sealant each barrel is 25kg, with one barrel of white material and one barrel of black material (containing 5 bags). Iron barrel packaging: it weighs 25kg / box and contains two plastic package bags. The large packaging is white polysulfide sealant, with a weight of 22.7kg. The small packaging is black curing agent, with a weight of 2.3kg. The weight ratio is also 10:1. The volume of polysulfide sealant in this package is 0.0156 cubic meters, and the gap of 1cm* 1cm can be filled about 156 m. In addition, a small bottle of primer shall be prepared for each barrel, and a thin layer shall be evenly applied ten minutes before the expansion joint is injected to ensure that the base surface is clean and dry. The function of primer is to increase the bond strength between polysulphide rubber sealant and concrete.
Carton Box packaging:
One carton packaging: the weight is 25kg / box, containing six white plastic barrels, five of which are white polysulfide sealant called component A, each of which weighs about 4.54kg, and the other one is black curing agent called component B, which is divided into five plastic packaging bags, each of which weighs about 0.46kg. That is to say, there are five components in each box, and the weight of each component A and B is 5kg. Component A is milky white viscous polysulfide sealant, component B is black or gray viscous curing agent. The weight ratio is 10:1, the volume of each group is about 0.003125m3, and the expansion joint of 1cm * 1cm can be embedded for about 31m. The gap equivalent to 1cm * 1cm needs to be filled with 0.16kg two-component polysulfide sealant.
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Hengshui Jingtong Rubber Co., Ltd.
Hengshui Jingtong Rubber Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company engaged in water stop, waterproof materials, bridge building isolation materials, engineering rubber used in supporting projects such as highway bridges, tunnels, water conservancy, electric power, railway, etc. Relying on China Hengshui Rubber City Hengshui, the company has its own production capacity. It is a new rising show in the domestic engineering rubber industry, with advanced technology, mature technology and reliable quality. Jingtong rubber covers an area of 98000 square meters, with a building area of 45000 square meters. There are 20 professional senior technicians, and a diligent and dedicated management team. All employees provide high cost-effective engineering rubber products for new and old customers with scientific management, rigorous and realistic working attitude and honest and reliable service concept. The waterproof roll produced by the company has excellent performance, long service life, wide application range, safety, simplicity, high temperature resistance, 90 ℃ does not flow, low temperature - 25 ℃ does not embrittle. It can be used for waterproofing of buildings, basements, bridges, parking lots, roofs, gardens, swimming pools, reservoirs, tunnels and other projects of industrial and civil buildings. This product has good low temperature flexibility and elastic extension, especially suitable for buildings in high cold area. With high quality products and complete specifications, the company adheres to the working policy of high starting point, high standard, high quality and high efficiency, actively introduces technical talents and takes the road of prospering the factory through science and technology. The company strives for survival by quality, develops by prestige, and provides perfect after-sales service. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life. Now the company mainly produces and sells "衡京工" brand building materials, including: Rubber / PVC / EVA waterstop, water swelling waterstop rubber, building sealant, butyl sealing tape, SBS modified asphalt waterproof roll, butyl waterproof roll, bridge building isolation bearing, bridge rubber bearing, plate rubber bearing (rubber pad), basin type rubber bearing, spherical bearing, bridge expansion device , bridge rubber inflatable core mold (hollow board air bag), rubber air bag (pipe stopper, rubber water bag) and other bridge engineering and waterproof engineering products.
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