Continuous Electrodeionization, EDI module, continuous demineralization for ultrapure water, chemical free

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Product Overview


Continuous Electrodeionization, EDI module, continuous demineralization for ultrapure water, chemical free



Products description


EDI is a new type of ultra-pure water technology developed in the 1990s, Its development is a revolutionary advance in the history of pure water production technology. EDI can replace traditional ion exchange technology, produce stable deionized water. Unlike the hybrid ion exchange device, the EDI system does not require chemical regeneration, and does not have to be stopped for Adding resins or chemical regeneration. Therefore, EDI can achieve continuous production of water, and water quality is stable. Meanwhile, equipment investment and operating expenses are minimized.


EDI is usually combined with reverse osmosis and other purification devices to remove ions from water. Ion exchange resins in the EDI module can be divided into two parts, which are called work resin and the other part is called polishing resin. The boundary of the two is called the working frontier. The work resin takes the task of removing most of the ions, while the polishing resin takes the task of removing the more difficult ions such as weak electrolytes.The electrical conductivity of the EDI system can be as high as 15-18.2 MΩ.cm. EDI can be operated continuously or intermittently.


Advantages of EDI:


- utilizes chemical-free regeneration (as does DI resin regeneration)

- reduces water quality upsets - water of consistent quality

- continuous process - does not require shutdowns

- requires little energy

- minimize operating costs

- simple installation start-up and operation

- requires less plant space to provide the same required quality of water


Typical Applications for EDI:


- purified water

- feed to WFI (Water For Injection) stills

- stream generation / boiler feed during power generation

- microelectronics/semiconductor production

- for high quality makeup demineralized water

- for biomedical and laboratory use, by pharmaceutical compounds as pretreatmentfor distillation

- surface finishing

- chemical manufacturing

- food and beverage industry




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 Prodcuts specicification

model product water capacityprodcut water quality
JHM-EDI-P50   50L/H ≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm 
JHM-EDI-P100   100L/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-P200   200L/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-P250   250L/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-PF-0.5hp   0.5T/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-PF-1.0hp   1.0T/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-PF-2.0hp   2.0T/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-PF-3.0hp   3.0T/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-PF-4.0hp   4.0T/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm
JHM-EDI-PF-5.0hp   5.0T/H≥1.5MΩ ⋅cm






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 Shandong Jinhuimo is a profesional water treatment company ,  and has many years engaged in reseach and developemnt of membrane and water treatment engineering application prcatice of experienced profeessinals team, and strong advanced untrafitation membrane module production capacity and large enterprice base with nearly 20 years.  


Our main productions includes hollow fiber uf and micro membrane ,MBR membrane bioreactor, MBBR bio media, Integrated wastewater treatment equipment etc.    In 2015, our company  became a a listed company in China( Name: jin hui mo, Code:831623).  Our company has very strict quality supervision system, and passed the ISO9001:2000 quaality management system certification.


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