DK7740 EDM Wire Cut CNC Cutting Machine with Best Price

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DK7740 EDM Wire Cut CNC Cutting Machine with Best Price 


CNC cutting machine DK7740  -Features:

1. Large travel , High cutting speed.    
2. Four axes independent UV work.        
3. Work pieces to 600mm thick.        
4. Taper angles up to ± 30°. 
5. Standard model is equipped with  ± 3° taper attachment.
6. Molybdenum wire diameter 0.12~0.22 mm (down to 0 .08mm).       
7. Accuracy: 0.015mm, even 0.01mm.
8. Roughness: Ra 1.6-2.5 µm.          
9. Low consumption, material saving.    
10. Closed loop glass scales on all four axes for positional accuracy of 0.005mm.    
11. Advanced CAD/CAM software with file transfer and translation capabilities.       
12. High cutting speed modular is optional.       


CNC cutting machine DK7740  -cut edm Control system  ( HL, HF, W-Cut, A-Cut)      

A) Microcomputer process control system             
B) PC control system.                               
C) Luxury cabinet control. 

1. Taper cutting accessory.  (± 15°, ± 30°)
2. Linear rail.
3. Protection cover.
4. Higher speed control board, improve the efficiency 30-40%.
5. Middle speed control system.


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