Ceramic Strength Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves and heat shrink

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Ribbon Fiber Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve


Ribbon Fiber Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve is 40mm,50mm and 60mm heat shrinkable sleeve for single fiber and 6 cores,12 cores fiber optic protection sleeve for ribbon fiber cable.

Ribbon Fiber Fiber Optic Protection Sleeve is applied to the optical fiber closure to fix and protect the optical fiber when splicing. The sleeve can be divided into two types (single sleeve and ribbon sleeve) according to the function. The single type is used for the single-fiber, and the mass type is used for the ribbon fiber. It is different in the reinforcement between two types. The single one realizes the reinforcement by the stainless steel needles, the later one via the ceramic reinforcement member to realize the function.Ribbon sleeve means there are several cores for the fiber. So the mass sleeve includes 4cores, 6cores, 8cores, 12 cores (for types).


fiber series fusion splice protection sleeve is designed to accommodate 2 – 12 ribbon fiber. Stock lengths are 40mm, but are also available in a new 30mm length for smaller packaging requirements. This product is constructed with an inner EVA meltable adhesive tube, a polyolefin heat shrink outer tube and either single or dual strength members. Our single strength member sleeve which has become an industry standard, has an after shrink diameter of 4.9 X 4.4mm, and utilizes a special glass member.


Our dual strength member sleeve is designed to “sandwich” the ribbon, thus eliminating any undue stress on the fiber, and has an after shrink diameter of 5.7 X 4.9mm. This option is available in a variety of glass and special high temperature plastic member combinations. The tubes are clear to allow viewing of the fiber during and after splicing. The entire assembly is designed to ensure that all members maintain perfect alignment during shipping, handling and shrinking.





1.Single holed(preshrunk)ends eliminates improper fiber threading
2.Smooth,deburred stainless steel reinforcing member ends decrease the risk of fiber damage during installation
3.Extended liner length prevents contact between the fiber and ther backbone
4.Clear sleeve design persign permits easy centering of splice before heating
5.Sealing structure makes the splice free from effect of temperature and humidity from environment

6.Protecting splicing point
7.Improve mechanical strength
8.Simple operation, reducing the risk of fiber damage during installation
9.Does not affect the optical characteristics of the optical fiber
10.Sealing structure to have good resistance of temperature and humidity performance




1.Fusion splicing
2.Fiber cable protecting

3.FTTH system

4.Rack-mount & Wall-mount terminal box

5. Fiber Opitc Splice Closure

6. optical fiber switch box and so on continue protection






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