Water Permeable Brick EP Brick for Pedestrians

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Product Description

Water Permeable Brick EP Brick for Pedestrians

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EP Brick uses the quartz sand, ceramics as raw material. After re-processing, high temperature sintering, the environmental product is produced with characteristics of keeping the ground water permeability, preserving moisture, compression-resistant, slip-proof, high strength, cold resistance, weather resistance, noise reduction, sound absorption and reusability.
Permeable brick is the preferred product used to beautify the city, improve the quality of living environment, and can be widely used in the building of public of public square, city road, subway, station, highway, villas, residential quarters, parks, landscape, garden decoration, kitchen space etc.



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EP Brick features:
1. Water retention
It can be used to reduce the temperature of the environment, restore natural water storage capacity, prevent the depletion of groundwater, and improve the living environment of vegetation. It can adjust the air humidity, air purification, and restore surface water circulation system.
2. Anti-slip
Rainwater infiltrates into the ground timely. There is no water. It keeps the ground dry and clean. Walking on it brings no danger
3. Noise reduction
The porous structure of the ecological permeable ceramic bricks can absorb a large amount of noise. It is an ideal sound-absorbing material.
4. Reusable
The ecological permeable ceramic bricks can be reused again and easy to re-install. It prevents waste from repetitive constructions.
5. Compression resistant, cold resistant, weathering resistant

Product Index

  Stamped concrete patio pervious pavers brick for landscape


Test Data Sheet of Water Permeable Bricks
Items of test Product performance
Water absorption rate(%) Mean value≤0.5
Water permeability(mm/s) Mean value≥20
Rupture modulus(Mpa) Mean value≥35, single value≥32
Anti-skid(BPN) Mean value 65-85
Frost resistance( `C ) Mean value≥(-25)
Breaking strength(N) Thickness≥7.5mm, mean value≥1300N
Side length deviation(%) ±0.6
Thickness deviation(%) ±5
Central curvature(%) ±0.2
Side straightness(%) ±0.3
SURFACE QUALITYNo visible defects judging from  the point where is 80cm 
distance upright the tile
Wearing capacity(mm)≤140
Resistance to thermal shock Eligible
Resistance to clazing Eligible
Resistance to pollution Eligible

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2 Permeable Bricks Sizes and Colors
1) 300*300*55mm (50mm, 40mm, 30mm)
2) 150*300*55mm (50mm, 40mm, 30mm)
3) 200*200*55mm (50mm, 40mm, 30mm)
4) 200*100*55mm (50mm, 40mm, 30mm)
5) Brown, Pink, Yellow, Black, Grey, White
The sizes and colors also could be as per customers' requirements.

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Permeable Bricks Advantages
1). Water permeability
EP Bricks has super high permeability function, more than 20mm/s which is two times of the standards of similar foreign products. It can handle 60mm/s rainfall. The road and squares paved with it can make rainwater quickly penetrate down to prevent the occurrence of city flood.
2). Water retention
EP Bricks can be used to reduce the temperature of the environment, restore natural water storage capacity, prevent the depletion of groundwater, and improve the living environment of vegetation.
3). Slid Resistance
Rainwater infiltrates into the ground timely. There is no water. Keep the ground clean. Walking on it brings no danger. Used in public or family kitchen and bathroom floor, it exerts excellent anti-skid effect.
4). Noise Reduction
Porous structure can absorb the vehicle noise, and create a quiet and comfortable environment. It have been widely used in foreign countries in airports, subway and other places.
5). Repeated use
Because of the characteristics of product in the design, it can be used repeatedly, reducing waste in construction of city and the waste of various resources, and produce good economic benefit and social benefit.
6). Compression-resistant, Cold-resistant, weathering-resistant
Made by large tonnage press and high temperature firing. The compressive strength is ≥ 50MPa, suitable for use in the parking lots, common lanes. Its frost resistance value is -25º C.
7). Low carbon emission and environmental protection

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  Water Permeable Brick EP Brick for Pedestrians

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1: Cultural Characterstic: 

EP brick is natural and environmental-protecting,EP buildings also show the cultural theme of natural environmental protection

2: Economy Characteristic: 

EP Brick buildings can witness history, bear centuries of wind and rain, so the initial investment being apportioned to long years can reflect its maximizing value .

3:Environmental protection:

With pure raw material shale, the brick is sintered in high temperature without glazed surface, and some products can be recycled and reused. 

4: High Compressive Strength:

According to the national standard minimum compressive strength value of standard floor materials is greater than or equal to 23 M Pa.Our products are exceeding the national minimum standards ,which can meet the requirements of fire exits.

5: Freezing and Thawing Resistance: 

In the case of water absorption up to 10%, porcelain tiles has all cracked by freezing and thawing for three times at -15 ℃ , but ceramic tiles cannot like this by freezing and thawing for 50 times at -45 ℃.

6: Anti-light pollution:

Ceramic tiles can refract more than 90% of all light and have very good effect on the protection of human eyesight and reducing light pollution .

7: Good sound-absorbing effect:

Because ceramic tiles are rich of fine evenly open pores of the whole body, so it can refract out all or part of sound waves and play a role of reducing outdoor noise and canceling indoor echo, so it must be an excellent material as creating good living environment for us.

8: Good corrosion and Weather resistance:

With the aggravation of industrial pollution, acid rain is more and more often, a lot of construction materials are eliminated because they can not accept this challenge. Natural manufacturing processes makes ceramic tiles contain only small amounts of chemical impurities, its internal structure is hardly affected by acid rain, other material cannot match with alkali corrosive resistance of clay.

Packaging & Shipping

   Water Permeable Brick EP Brick for Pedestrians

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EP brick Packing 
1).Held by wooden Pallet or without Pallet;
2).Bonded with plastic belts; 
3).Fasten around the corners;

Shipping: By vessel or by train from any Chinese port, Samples can be delivered by International express.


Stamped concrete patio pervious pavers brick for landscape


1.Timely response,

Timely response to your inquiry, multiple choice recommendations based on your demand,quickly respond mails and provide solutions.

2.Free sample

Sample and trial order are accepted for the quality evaluation.

3.Strict quality control

Arrange production on time and control quality strictly.

4.Shorter delivery time.

Book the earliest vessel or plane to guarantee the delivery time.

5.Professional Services

Provide all the detailed news and pictures from order to delivery;

Offer relative export documents and original certificate if needed;

Warm and considerable after-sale service

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1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a professional factory of manufacturing EP brick.

2.  Q: Could you do OEM or ODM?
A: Yes,  both  are available. We have professional engineers to service for clients.

3. Q: How many is your production capacity?
A: We can produce final products 2000 Metric Tons per Year.

4. Q: Could you offer free sample?
A: Yes, we can provide sample free for your testing.

5. Q: What's your delivery time?
A: Within 14-21 days after receiving deposit.

6. Q: Have the products been tested before shipping ?
A: Yes, all of the goods must be tested before shipment.

7. Q: Do you have after-sales service ?
A: Yes, we have superior after-sales service team to solve questions of our goods.

8. Q: What's your advantage comparing with other factories ?
A: We are drafter of present products standard.


Permeable brick Supplier
Hongtai as a professional Permeable brick Supplier can manufactures high quality Permeable brick with low thermal conductivity and high strength properties. The best Permeable brick can play good heat insulating performance and keep high strength in the high temperature erosion. We also provide you with professional customized mullite insulation products according to your special requirement. Contact us for free quote! We will reply you ASAP!




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