Water Surface Floating Solar Powered Paddle Wheel Aerator for Fishpond

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Price:RUB 11,000.64 - RUB 157,152.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

When the motor starts running, impellers will rotate and touche water surface, it will press air into water and therefore increase some oxygen in water.

The most importance is working impellers can make sufficient water splash and strong water current. Large amount of splash will take air into water and enrich obviously dissolved oxygen in water. Meantime, water waves and current will eliminate harmful substances like ammounia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, etc out of water and finally clean water.

All brand new materials produced components to make sure our customers receive high quality items. It can be used both on freshwater and seawater.

Main Features

1.High efficiency and saving over 20% electric energy than traditional models.
2.Mechanical seal is available to against oil leak pollution.
3.Built-in protector is available to avoid motor being burnt accidentally.
4.The floating boat produced by us is made of good engineering plastic HDPE. It has great buoyancy and high strength.
5.The impeller is made of New PP. The spoke and vane is shaped with plastic only one time.
6.The flexible gearing is fixed by the stainless wheel bolt.
7.High oxygenation rate: 2.6kgs/h.
8.Easy installation and maintenance.
9.Stainless steel frame is sturdy with no deformation and high durability.

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1,Suggest to client suitable machine model, final product capacity.
2. Introduce machine's structure and features in detail, explain the price component.
3. Answer customer concerned questions.


1. Start production as soon as receiving down payment.
2. Send photos of machine in manufacturing and finished photos to client,
for your better learn about the machine's condition.
3. Delivery machine in time, taking photos during loading, so you can "remote monitoring"
your goods.

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Made of 304# stainless steel material 

sturdy and without deformation high durability

durable and never rust.

Material:304# stainless steel

Name :Impeller shaft

Made of 304# stainless steel material 

sturdy and without deformation high durability

durable and never rust.

Material:304# stainless steel

Name: wheel paddle

Unique one-piece design with for ified structure made of non-recycled polyproylene material which makes the paddle sturdy, tough,impact-resistant, and less prone to fracture.
8pcs-vane paddle design make more frequent splashes and better DO supply


Name: Float

Made from virgin HDPE material with excellent ductility.
Integral blow molded formation, no water seeping problem.
Excellent in withstanding larger impact, corrosion free and weathering
100% new material with dimensional design for higher stability of the wole machine in operation.


Name:Robber connector

movable joint suitable whatever sea water or fresh water .

Material:304# stainless steel.

Material:Cast iron and rubber

Name: Bearing bracket

Special synthetic rubber bush of block-beathing could withstand higher temperature and resistance against continuous friction .


Packing & Delivery
120 KGS

Packaging Details

Motor gear box and other components of wooden box packaging, impeller, floating ship bulk. Reducing volume is more beneficial to transportation.
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How is the directly effective depth and effective water length of the sunshine paddle wheel aerators?
1.Directly effective depth:
A1: 1HP paddle wheel aerator is 1M from the water level
2HP paddle wheel aerator is 1.5M from the water level
2.Effective water length :
A2: 1HP:40 Meters
2HP:70 Meters
During the strong water circulation ,oxygen can be dissolved into the water to 2-3 meters depth.The paddle wheel could also concentrate the waste ,splash out the gas ,adjust the water temperature and help the decomposition of organic matters.

How many units fo paddle wheel aerators to be use in the shrimp ponds?
1.According to the stocking density:
B1: 1HP should be used 8 units in one HA pond if the stocking is 30pcs /square meter.
2.According to harvesting tons:
B2: If the harvest expected is 4 Tons per HA should be installed in the pond 4 units of 2HP paddle wheel aerator;the other words is 1 Ton/1set.

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