2022 New high precision balancing measuring system

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Product Overview


Product Description


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Winding Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine

1.Manual loading and unloading

2.Intelligent man-machine interface

3.Advanced balancing machine measuring software

4.Automatic measurement automatic sharp cutter milling correction automatic retest

5.Can do twice balance correction for workpieces

6.Soft bearing high precision balancing measuring system

7.Rigid structural design longer service life 8.Widely used in various types of micro-motor rotor electric tools rotor starter motor rotor's balance correction



product description

characteristic The automatic balance correction machine adopts Jianping electric measurement system. The measurement methods are diversified, dynamic and static balance, and there are up to 10 support modes. Adding de-weighting and forward-reversal can be customized flexibly. High measurement accuracy, multi-scaling coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, shifting without jump, software and hardware double filtering, data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate faste



Application range


It is applied to the balance correction of various types of micro motor rotors, electric tools and starter motor rotors.






















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