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Mechanical connectors, lugs are designed for use in low and medium voltage applications. Only three sizes cover conductor sizes from 25 mm2 to 400 mm².All products consist of a high strength and conductive body, at least two shear-head bolts. Optionally, inserts can be used for small conductor sizes.

- Suit to Conductor sizes 25-240mm2-good range taking ability
- Can be used with almost every type of conductor
- The forging process of aluminum alloy ensures high strength of the body
- Torque - controlled shear-head dolts guarantee a good electrical connection
- Easily installed with a normal socket wrench, no specialized equipment needed
- Fewer sizes cover a large range of cable sizes
- Can be used with both Copper and Aluminum Cables
- Connectors have central moisture barrier to allow connection between plastic and paper cables
- Connectors are High Tensile Ni/Sn-plated Aluminum
- Comply with IEC 61238-1 Class A


Product Name  

Mechanical Lug


Aluminum Alloy with Ni/Sn plated

Conductor Cross-Section (mm²) 

 10-35, 25-50,25-95,50-150,70-120,95-240,185-240,185-400,300-400, (500, 630, 800, 1200,1800,2500,has shielding cover for high voltage)

Hazardous good:  


Voltage Range (kV)  

1kV- 45kV for normal application, and can be used up to 245kV with shielding cover



Supply Capacity  


Product Availability  



IEC 61238-1 Class A


Technical Data


Why our Mechanical connectors provides superior durability

  • 6 series aluminum alloy,hot forged body, with Strength, Conductivity and processability.
  • Nickel/tin coated, which combines electrical conductivity with electrical corrosion resistance.
  • Key technology:

           1.  Tight torque tolerance of bolts(+/-2NM)   

           2.  Made by customized machining tool, and special process control

          3.  Rich experience in design,

           4.   Professional forging process and heat treatment process, ensure body strength.





Mechanical connector provided with barrier and shear-off bolts. Suitable for stranded or solid aluminium and copper conductors in all kind of cable accessories.

  • Wide application range Used with almost every type of conductor and material.
  • Smooth breakage of the shear-bolt simplifies tightening.
  • Suit to both Aluminium or Copper conductor, good electrical performance.
  • High tensile strength.
  • The head will always shear-off at the required torque.
  • No torque wrench required.


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 1.What are the advantages or differences between using mechanical connectors over the traditional crimp connector system?

    Crimp connectors have been popular for many years, but mechanical connectors with shear-head bolts, which installed at a certain torque, are becoming universally acceptable.

The advantages a modern mechanical connector has over crimp connectors are:

·   A connector/lug can be used on wide-range cables, eg.: 25/50 can mate with 25, 35, or 50mm² conductor

·   They do not require the additional expense of crimping systems.

·   Eliminates the chance of the jointer using an incorrect die set.

·   No sharp edges, which may be caused when using hexagonal die-sets.

However, there are 3 distinct disadvantages to using connectors with shear-bolt technology:

    Mechanical terminals can be considered more expensive than traditional crimp systems, especially if the end user is fully tooled up for crimping.

    It has a larger profile than its crimp connector equivalent, therefore all systems may not be easily installed. Especially push-on types.

    The cross-section may not always be symmetrical, which can make treatment over the connector area more critical.

 2.Can you custom various size for me?

    Of course, we have the ability to manufacturing the products due to your drawings, or design for you based on
your application requirement.

 3.Can you offer sample for me?

     Yes, we can offer free sample for checking quality!





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