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Product Overview


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Product Description

 Andalusite is an aluminosilicate mineral that is used as a raw material for making refractory materials and porcelain in spark plugs. There is a variant of andalusite called hollow spar. The cross section of the spar will show a black cross structure. This cross structure is caused by the fact that andalusite receives some carbon and clay when it is formed. This kind of hollow spar is often made into a small ornament worn by people. Andalusite is generally a columnar crystal, and its cross section is almost square. The crystals of andalusite are brought together to form a radial or granular shape. For the radial andalusite, it is often referred to as "chrysanthemum stone", meaning that they are as open as the petals of chrysanthemum. The andalusite is pink, red, reddish brown, grayish white and light green with a glass luster. Some good quality and transparent andalusite crystals are also used as gemstones.

Application of andalusite in blast furnace iron furrow
With the enlargement of the blast furnace, the scouring force of the molten iron and slag increases the wear and tear, especially the working conditions of the main ditch are increasingly harsh and the service life is reduced. In order to change this phenomenon, Li Yuepu et al. used the andalusite in the iron ditch produced. , using the characteristics of andalusite to improve the performance of the main groove castable of the iron ditch. In the production, according to different use requirements, adding different sizes (0~1mm, 0.074mm) of andalusite iron ditch castables is beneficial to reduce the apparent porosity of the castables, improve the normal temperature compressive strength, and improve the thermal shock of the castables. stability. The better the quality of andalusite, the better its effect and high temperature performance.
Using the iron ditch castable with the addition of andalusite, the disposable iron flux in the single tapping outlet of the 250m3 blast furnace reaches 80,000 tons to 120,000 tons, and the service life can reach 1.5 million tons or more. Production costs. The use mechanism mainly utilizes the decomposition and decomposition of andalusite to produce a certain amount of mullite and liquid phase. The generated mullite contributes to the thermal shock stability of the castable and the softening temperature of the load, and the liquid phase produced can not only Promote sintering to make the matrix and aggregate close together, and also close the pores, reduce the apparent porosity of the product, and improve the compressive strength of the castable.







Packaging & Shipping


Packaging of diatomaceous bricks

1.on wooden pallets with plastic cover: wooden pallet size :930*930 or 1000*1000mm,
2.Load weight of each pallet: 1.5-2.0 tons,
3.230*114*65mm:512PCS/Pallet, 230*114*75mm:448PCS/Pallet.

 Shipping of diatomaceous bricks

1.Our packaging is as per customer’s request
2.Normal goods delivered by sea transport
3.Sample shipping by express
4.We will shipping and delivery goods timely, quanlity and quantity guaranteed, and also in accordance with the contract and customer's requirment completely.


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