Customized heat resistant furnace rolls for rolling mill used in heat treatment furnace

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Product Overview


Customized heat resistant furnace rolls for rolling mill used in heat treatment furnace

Product description

The rolls/rollers are of good heat, corrosion, wear-resistant properties, working at high temperature environment on average: 800 to 1200°C, which are used in the steel mills, like CAL (continuous annealing line), CGL (continuous galvanizing line)


Centrifugal casting for barrel/tube, forging for journal/shaft, static /investment or sand casting for cone/ trunions, welding and machining and grinding

Materials Standards


Materials: High nickel and high chrome heat resistant alloys, cobalt base alloys, like HU, HT, HK, HP, HW, 24/24NbTiZr, 50Cr/50Ni (2.4813), 1.4865, 1.4849, 1.4848, 1.4410, 1.4059, 1.4841, 1.4845, 1.4852, 2.4879 or as per customer's requirements


We have in-house facility for each inspection: composition by spectrometer, size test, mechanical test, NDT/UT/RT/PT/MT/ET


More than 30 years of professional experience and continuous R&D efforts enable us to offer better custom design and engineering advice.

 Use only new raw material like nickel plate, chrome iron, cobalt, ferrotungsten to  guarantee physical property and increased service life of our castings.

 Owned in-house production and inspect facility to guarantee the best quality.

  Experienced workers for foundry, machining and welding guarantee excellent quality and prompt delivery


 packed by seaworthy wooden case or according to buyers’ request.


according to the quantity of the P.O. usually 30 days after the order is confirmed.


We can make radiant tubes, furnace rollers and other dewaxing or sand casting products according to customers’ DRAWINGS.


The followings are photos for our factory and products:

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