Digital Electricity Single Phase Electronic Prepaid Smart Electric Energy Meter

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Product Overview


Digital Electricity Single Phase Electronic Prepaid Smart Electric Energy Meter


Energy Meter

1) Electricity usage monitor connects to
appliances and assesses efficiency
2) Timer indicator
3) Co2 indicator
4) Energy indicator
5) Calculation of energy costs
6) Usage duration

1.Timer indicator
2.Co2 indicator
3.Energy indicator
4.Calculation of energy costs
5.Usage duration
Technical Properties
1.Battery: 2 LR44 1.5V
2.Lifetime of the batteries: 30 days
3.Functioning indicator
4.Use only within house
5.Rated tension: 230V ~ 50Hz
6.Minimum measuring current: 0.015A
7.Voltage measuring: 184-276V (accuracy: +/-1% of the value measured)
8.Current measuring: 0.00 – 16.00A (accuracy: +/-1% of the value measured +/- 0.01 A)
9.Energy usage measuring: 0 –3680W
(accuracy: +/-1% of the value measured +/-5W)
10.KWh measuring: 0.0KWh – 99999KWh
accuracy: +/-1% of the value measured +/- 0.1 KWh)
11.Frequency measuring: 40 – 70Hz.
(accuracy: +/-1Hz of the value measured)
12.Cost1/2 range: 0.001 ~ 99.999

Parameter Resolution
1.Voltage measurement 0.1V
2.Current measurement 0.001A
3.Frequency 0.1Hz
4.Active/Apparent Power 0.1W/0.1VA
5.Cos phi 0.01
6.Energy and costs 0.001 (for values under 10)
0.01 (for values between 10 and 100)
0.1 (for values between 100 and 1000)
1 (for values over 1000)
7.Rec time and ON time 0.01

Surroundings Condition For Use
1. Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
2. Max. humidity 90%
3. Use only within house
4. The guarantee expires in case of damage that caused by improper use or not observing the directives from the guide.



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