24~48V BLDC DC Motor Drives Low Voltage Brushless DC Speed Adjustable Driver

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Product Overview



This is closed-loop speed controller is designed with the latest type IGBT and MOS power devices. It takes advantage of DC brushless motor's Hall signal to double frequency for closed-loop speed control. PID control links with the speed controller. The control system is stable and reliable, especially at low speed, it always can reach the maximum torque. The speed control range is from 150 to 10000rpm.

Specification and Description

-PID speed and current double loop regulator

-High performance, low price

-20KHZ Chopper frequency

-Electrical stop to ensure the quickly action of motor

-Over load radio larger then 2, torque always can achieve the max in low speed

-Provide OVP, LVP, OCP, OTP, illegal horal signal and other fault alarm.

Product Characteristic

System Characteristic 

Input Voltage: 24VDC~48VDC

Under Voltage Protection: 8VDC, Over Voltage Protection: 60VDC

Accelerate time constant, default: 2sec others can be customized

Input voltage
Continuous current
Max.output power
Peak current

Terminal Connection

1. Power Input

24VDC~48VDC input
GND input

2. Motor Input

Motor A phase
Motor B phase
Motor C phase
Hall signal A phase input
Hall signal B phase input
Hall signal C phase input
Hall signal power line

Connection Diagram of motor and driver

Communication port: RS485 two-wire serial link communication modified

Inner potentiometer 1: Adjusting the speed gain of the motor, in the range of 0~100%

Inner potentiometer 2: Max. protection current setting. build-in potentiometer can be set the current 20%~100% for current protection.

Dimension: 118x76x33mm


Customized Application Case

Packing & Delivery

As CE, ROHS, National Hi-tech Enterprise certified quality company, we strictly abide by Quality Control System, pursuing continuous improvement of products quality.

CE Declaration
DINGTUO' assures that our motors meet the European Norm Standard.

RoHS Compliant
DINGTUO' is committed to offering products compliant with the EU RoHS directive.

National Hi-tech Enterprise
DINGTUO continues to carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the "High-tech Fields Supported by the State", and forms core intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and conducts business activities based on this.

Computer Software Copyright Registration
DINGTUO obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the Copyright Bureau to realize the protection of computer software developed independently.

Customer Evaluation

Customer satisfaction is DINGTUO's primary aim, our drives and motors are designed to your exact specifications and we choose the right materials for client's samples.

Our Company

Who we are 

Shenzhen Dingtuoda Electromechanics Co.,Ltd(DINGTUO TECHNOLOGY) was established in 2006. As a professional electric motor and driver manufacturer operating over 13 years, DINGTUO is first and foremost a reflection of its people.

Our company focus on professional R & D, production and sales of Servo/Stepper/BLDC motor system. We also committed to provide Customized OEM & ODM services to Global electrical distributors, industrial equipment manufacturers and automotive markets.

DINGTUO manufacturing center covering area around 2,500 M², and owning three production workshops, 9 production lines.

We are also continuously improving the performance and power efficiency of our products to help our customers enable new markets and applications.

Technology & Innovation


Quality and delivery are the most important aspects of DINGTUO Motor Driver's manufacturing processes. DINGTUO prides itself on offering the highest quality products with the best possible delivery times. It all begins with DINGTUO's manufacturing process. DINGTUO manufactures all of its products under strict quality standards at plants within Guangdong China.

Quality is Built-In

DINGTUO operates in a Just-in-time and a Lean Manufacturing environment. Quality is built-in to the product throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is achieved by utilizing the One-Piece Flow System on our Flexible U-line work cells wherein all necessary equipment are positioned in the sequence in which it is used. In the simplest of terms, one-piece flow means that each motor is carefully built one-piece-at-a-time allowing it to be thoroughly inspected and tested, thus, quality defects are easily detected and contained. 

Additionally, defect prevention is also the direct result of the continuous error proofing of our processes.

Product Testing

Every DINGTUO product undergoes reliability testing before they are released to the market. These test subject the product to the harshest of operating conditions and intentional misuse to discover the limits of their durability.

1 Year Warranty

DINGTUO stands behind every product with a 1 Year Warranty. Visit our warranty section for complete details.

Production Line

As the years of development, Now DINGTUO Technology has become the leader of motor control systems provider, It own production lines:

-Stepper Drives & Motors

-Servo Drives & Motors

-Brushless DC Drives & Motors

-Integrated Motors

-Linear Motion Systems


-National High-tech enterprise certification

-Motor Drives Innovative &production team Over 13 years

-Electric Motor & Drives production workshop

-Strict quality management system

-Professional one stop supply & service

-OEM & ODM available

-Reliable and timely customer service

Trade Show

Are there Minimum Quantities

It depends. In order to get you the best price, we usually require a minimum order amount, however it can vary between 2-10 pieces or as little as one. Minimum quantity will be determined once we receive your specifications.

Where is it Made

Customized OEM solutions are either provided domestically for low volume or off-shore for larger volume orders. Please speak to an account manager for more information.

How Much Does it Cost

Custom products varies in cost. It depends on the type of product and the required materials we need to use to make the product. Our OEM staff will determine the cost of product once we receive your specifications. Rest assured, here at PI Manufacturing, we have our customers in mind, so we constantly work at solutions that are both time and cost-efficient.

What Next

If you're set on DT Technology making a custom product for you, the next thing to do is to contact our OEM department. You can either do this using the contact form located at the bottom of this page or calling 86.176.0306.7633 and speak to an account representative that will handle your custom OEM order. 

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