240 evaporative condenser

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LNZ series evaporative condenser
The evaporative condenser (cooler) is a kind of highefficiency energy-saving heat exchange equipment which absorbs the heat of fluids in heat exchange coils through the evaporation of water films sprayed onto the outer surface of heat exchange coils, thereby condensing (cooling) the fluids in tubes. Dry cold air enters from the lower air inlet, exchanges materials with the circulating water flowing from the upper part, absorbs heat and moisture, becomes hot wet air and then is exhausted out of the top air outlet. The cooled medium enters from the upper inlet of the coil set; after multiple trips in coils and full heat exchange with circulating water, the cooled medium is discharged from the lower outlet of the coil set. Circulating water is pumped by the water pump from the lower water collecting tank to the upper spray tube set and distributed uniformly to the outer surface of the coil set via large flow nozzles while ranferring heat with the medium in tubes and external air; a small quantity of moisture is evaporated into air, and the majority of water falls back into the water collecting tank for re-circulation.
SLNZ series evaporative condenser
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Product Paramenters

Heat exchange tube
Our patent product “iso-drop type heat exchange tube” is used with following advantages:
Good aerodynamic characteristics.The resistance during flowing over iso-drop type tubes is obviously less than that during drilling over elliptical tubes and especially round tubes.
Iso-drop type heat exchange tubes have good encapsulation property, high heat exchange efficiency and no dry point in the lower part.
Small volume in tubes and small refrigerant charging quantity.

Coil set
The coil set is hot dip galvanized integrally, the zinc layer thickness is up to over 70μm, and the service life of the coil set reaches over 10 years.
Heat exchange tubes are welded and formed at a time using an imported production line, the whole heat exchange tube has no attachment welds. Before and after assembling, two pressure tests are performed. After hot dip galvanizing, the third pressure test is conducted to ensure the strength and airtightness of the coil unit.

Our panel
The outside panel uses hot-dip galvanized steel plates/staniless steel plate for industrial use; after machine-sharping, the outside panel is electrostatic-sprayed interally and thus has fine appearance and is resistant to corrosion. The outside panel is protected effectively during transportation and installation to prevent secondary damage.

Air intake shutter
PVC sine wave type shutters are used and they have advantages such as anticorrosion, resistance to ageing and ultraviolet rays,
small wind resistance and small weight.

Axial fan
Direct- connection type fan with high ransmission efficiency and without wearing parts L arge diameter and low speed; noise level 3~5dB lower than that of a common fan; more uniform wind field flow velocity
Aluminum alloy blades with high strength, small weight and high resistance to corrosion.
Class F insulated motor of IP55 protection level, which is applicable to outdoor environment and high temperature
and high humidity operating environment.
After. hot-dip galvanizing, the fan drum and structural members are electrostatic-sprayed and apply to high temperature and high humidity environment conditions.

Large diameter nozzle
Large diameter three-layer nozzles are characterizwd by more uniform water distribution, difficult blockage, small resistance and saving of water pump power.
Thread connection, convenient repair.

High efficiency water collector
The high efficiency water collector has a good water collecting effect and is resistant to ageing and corrosion, and its water
escape rate is lower than 5PPM.

1. Determine application conditions: refrigerant, condensing temperature, wet bulb temperature, and total heat extraction quantity.
2. Select the coefficient of correction of heat extraction quantity by referring to the relevant table.
3. Calculate the heat load under the operating condition: the total heat extraction quantity is divided by the coefficient of correction to the heat load under the operating condition.
4. Select the type of the evaporative condenser with the heat extraction quantity larger than or equal to the corrected one by referring to the table of peformance parameters.

R717 heat extraction coefficient table

R22 heat extraction coefficient table

Table of performance parameters

Foudation drawing
The evaporative condenser foundation can usea concrete foundation or steel structure foundation and is≥600mm high. In case of using a concrete foundation, 150*150 embedded steel plates shall be set up. The plane error of foundation surface is no more than1.5mm/m.

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