Manufacturer Supply High Quality Lithium Battery Cordless Electric Pruning Shears Garden Scissors Secateur for Fruit/Vineyard

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Product Overview


Product Description

Hangyi Electric Pruning Shear is a professional tree pruning tool. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in fruit orchards and vineyards trimming, potted plant trimming, garden greening maintenance, shrub trimming and other areas. Compared with similar products, it features in small size, light weight, low cost,strong endurance power, convenient to carry and operate, safe and reliable, portable and endurable application.

This product is a battery-driven electric pruning shear, comprises a fixed blade, a movable blade, lithium battery, battery charger, power cord, work vest, tool box and other components. Designed for cutting or trimming 25mm or less branches in fruit orchards, vineyards and etc.. Simple and easy to operate, it also has 8-10 times the efficiency of traditional manual pruners. Pruning quality is significantly higher as compared to manual pruners.

Technical Specifications
 Basic information of Hangyi Electric Pruning Shears
Model NO.
Operating Voltage
Lithium Battery
16.8V 2.0Ah
Charging Voltage
AC110V - 220V
Charging Duration
Operating Duration
Rated Power
Max Power
Total Weight
Cutting Range
≤ 25mm

Main Features

1) Power tools save the manual annoyance. 

2) Imported SK5 razor blades are sharp so that we can cut something without sticking or blinding. 

3) It's firm, solid, durable and not easy to wear and tear.

4) It's very safe and reliable to use.

5) Hangyi Electric Pruning Shear and the charger are integrated which is convenient to carry and operate.

6) Lithium battery is powerful,efficient and the battery capacity is also great.

PS: Lithium batteries are replaceable.
Product Display
Company Profile
Factory & Packing

1.Electric pruning shear

2.Lithium Battery

3.Battery charger

4.Tool kit

1.Movable blade
2.Fixed blade
3.Latch pin
5.Power switch
6.Lubrication hole
7.Electric pruning shear's power input connector
8.LED light indicator
9.Charging jack
10.Release button
11.Battery input connector
12.Battery output connector

Our Service

Warranty services conditions:

* During the warranty period, the damage caused by performance failure, the factory or seller will provide warranty service by free.

Non - Free Warranty services conditions:

* The damage caused by man force, the factory or seller shall not provide free warranty services.

* Warranty card and original purchase invoice should be properly kept within product warranty period. No warranty card and original purchase invoice shall not be provided free warranty services.

* External forces such as fire,flooding,lighting and etc..

* Tools which have been dismantled by unauthorized repairers.

Attention 1:

* Do not cut branches beyond the specified diameter indicated. Do not put the blade out of the branches for cutting. If it is damaged due to inappropriate usage.or the position of broken blade is less than 20mm(from edge to broken side as the graph illustrates, the factory or seller shall not provide free warranty services.

Attention 2 :

* Do not cut hard items such as metals, stone or any other non-plant materials.If the blades are worn or damaged due to inappropriate usage, the factory or seller will l not provide free warranty services.

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.
* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to use the machine.
* One year warranty.

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