RB11020UUCC0P5 RB11020UUCC0P4 110*160*20mm cross roller bearing manufacturers

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Shaft DiameterBearingsinner ringouter ringRoller pitch circle diameterwidthGreasing holeChamferShoulder heightBasic load rating(radial)weight
dD dpB B1a-br(min)dsDhC0Kg


RB Series Crossed roller bearing Introduction
RB (Separable Outer Ring Type for Inner Ring Rotation)
Being the basic model of the Cross-Roller Ring, its outer ring is separable while the inner ring is integrated with the main body. This model is used in locations where the rotation accuracy of the inner ring is required. Major applications include the index table swiveling unit of machine tools.

Series Model No.:

RB2008UUCC0, RB2508UUCC0, RB3010UUCC0, RB3510UUCC0, RB4010UUCC0,RB4510UUCC0, RB5013UUCC0, RB6013UUCC0, RB7013UUCC0, RB8016UUCC0,RB9016UUCC0, RB10016UUCC0, RB10020UUCC0, RB11012UUCC0, RB11015UUC0, RB11020UUCC0, RB12016UUCC0, RB12025UUCC0 ,RB13015UUCC0, RB13025UUCC0, RB14016UUCC0, RB14025UUCC0, RB15013UUCC0, RB15025UUCC0 ,RB15030UUCC0 ,RB16025UUCC0, RB17020UUCC0, RB18025UUCC0, RB19025UUCC0, RB20025UUCC0 ,RB20035UUCC0, RB22025UUCC0, RB24025UUCC0 ,RB25025UUCC0 ,RB25030UUCC0 ,RB25040UUCC0, RB30025UUCC0, RB30035UUCC0 ,RB30040UUCC0, RB35020UUCC0 ,RB40035UUCC0, RB40040UUC0,RB45025UUCC0, RB50025UUCC0, RB50040UUCC0, RB50050UUCC0, RB60040UUCC0, RB70045UUCC0,RB80070UUCC0, RB90070UUCC0, RB1000110UUCC0, RB1250110UUCC0


Features of cross roller bearing:
1.with excellent rotational accuracy
2. Installing simplifies operation
3. Bear large axial and radial loads
4.Significant savings in installation space
5. High speed capability is limited to changes .
6. Shaft length and reduce processing costs, the geometry of thermal expansion
7. Nylon spacer, low inertia, low starting torque, easy to control angle indexing
8. Optimization of preload, rigidity, high precision guide rollers running
9. Carburizing steel provides excellent impact resistance and surface abrasion resistance
10. Simple but adequate lubrication


•Industrial Robotic arm,Reducer drive
•precision Turntable,NC rotary table
•Rotation part of Machine tools
•Inspection instrument,Medical equipment
• Aviation equipment,Military radar etc


Crossed Roller Bearings Profile:

RB9016UUCC0P5 (12).jpgRU42UUCC0P5 (10).jpgCrossedrollerbearings (46).jpgCrossedrollerbearings (56).jpgCrossedrollerbearings (80).jpgcrossedbearing (20).jpgcrossedbearing (25).jpgcrossedbearing (26).jpgcrossedbearing (75).jpgcrossedbearing (97).jpgcrossedbearing (112).jpg



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