Low Background Multi-Channel Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

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Product Overview



Application Fields

1. Gamma spectrometry analysis of building materials, soil, biological and geological samples

2. Measurement and analysis of radon concentration in air and soil

3. Rapid non-destructive dectection of building materials

4. Content analysis of uranium, radium, thorium and potassium in uranium geological samples

5. Privide analysis software of Ce, Co, I and other artificial nuclides, according to user’s requirements.

The instrument meets the requirements of GB/T 11743-2013Gamma Spectrometry Method for Analysis of Radionuclides in Soil,GB 6566-2010 Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials and GB 50325-2010 Code for Indoor Environmental Pollution Control of Civil Building Engineering released and carried out by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.


Instrument Characteristics

1. The practical application channels are 2048, it is the only type of multi-channel Gamma Spectrometer in domestic at present.

2. With four functions of powder sample measurement, non-destructive sample measurement, air radon measurement, soil radon measurement.

3.Instrment uses Full-wave acquisition, and does not have apulse missing.It has the Intelligent functions of baseline correction, interference identification and so on.Instrument receives PMT output signal directly,and does not have waveform distortion.It can get consistent resolution when Cs peak is put any channel within measurement range.

4. The maximum data passing rate: >333Kcps, it can be used to analysis low, medium and high activity radioactive samples;

5. With the functions of visual display measurement, signal waveform, baseline online monitoring directly, real-time analysis of measurement results;

6. Peak monitoring ensure the quality of acquisition data.

7. Comprehensive analysis and solution of characteristic spectrum, full spectrum testing;

8. With function of multi-line comparison, it can be used for research, teaching and technical training, etc.

9. Due to Instrument uses electric structure lead shielded room,so it is time-saving when changing samples.

Technical Index

1.Detector: φ75mm×75mm NaI Crystal

2.Total Channels:  512,1024,2048 or 4096, the practical application channel is 2048

3.Energy Resolution:  <7.5% (137Cs)

4.Instrument Background:≤4.5cps(50Kev~3Mev)

5.Differential Nonlinearity: <0.05%

6.Integral Nonlinearity: <0.1%

7.System Stability: ≤1.0%

8.Pulses Resolution: 500ns

9.Instrument detection limit:

       226Ra: 8.0Bg/kg

232Th: 6.0Bg/kg

40K:20.0 Bg/kg

222Rn(air): 4.0 Bq/m3

222Rn(soil): 300.0 Bq/m3

10.The Maximum Data Pass Rate: >333 kcps

11.Measurement Uncertainty:(Radioactivity of Samples >37Bq/kg)<10%

12. Operating Environment

       Temperature:  +5~+40

       Relative Humidity:  ≤90%

13. Power:  220V±10% , 50Hz

14 . Dimension and Weight

 Lead-Shielded Chamber : φ580mm×850mm  thickness 100mm  about 900kg

Received Honorary

The instrument won the second prize for scientific and technological progress by COSTIND and China National Nuclear Corporation in 2007.

Instrument Certification                                

Verified by National Institute of Metrology P.R.China (NIM) and issued the verification certificate.

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