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Product Overview


Lingqiao two-way cylinder hydraulic floor jack price hydraulic cylinder

Usage & Technical Performance

Lingqiao two-way cylinder hydraulic floor jack price hydraulic cylinder is used in the prestressing construction of the pretensioning method, the pedestal tensioning prestressing tendons or box culverts push, top lift and replacement of bridge supports, etc.

Structure of Lingqiao two-way cylinder hydraulic floor jack price hydraulic cylinder

Locating nut
Sealing Plate
Clamp Ring 
Ball Type Head
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1.To ensure the accuracy of the prestress value, the components of the hydraulic system (jacks, oil pumps, control valve lines, pressure gauges, etc.) of the tensioning equipment should be inspected and corrected periodically, and the actual working capacity of the jacks and the corresponding pressure table readings for detailed records, made of charts for use check.

2.In the following situations, jack should be calibrated:

(1)After jack failure repair;

(2)After replacing the pressure gauge;

(3)Prestressed tendons suddenly broken;

(4)Instrument damaged by collision or other failure.

3.The jack uses 46 high-quality mineral oil, oil does not contain water, acids and other mixtures, does not decompose and do not thicken at ordinary temperatures. Hydraulic oil should be strictly kept clean, often fine filtration, regular replacement.

4.When using this jack, it should be in accordance with the order form, not be reversed.

5.When prestressing, it should be noted that the tension stroke does not exceed the specified range.

6.Jack pressure should be smooth, uniform, slow slowly. In the anti-pressure should be smooth without impact.

7.Jack in the beginning of use or during use, such as mixed gas, the jack should dry run for 2 minutes, in order to exclude the machine gas.

8.Before Connecting the pump,the oil pipe of jack should be checked for laceration, joints are solid, the specifications are appropriate to ensure that in the event of no accidents.

Oil pipe should always be kept clean, when not in use,use plastic dust plugs sealed to prevent dirt mixed.

9.Stretched exposed work surface often wipe clean, the rest of the appearance to keep clean, handling should be careful to prevent falls hurt.

10.After work, jack cylinder should return in the end, place the room and add dust cover.

11.The jack should be based on the actual use of regular maintenance, cleaning the interior and other maintenance work. If found jack in the work of oil spills, faults, scratches and other phenomena of the work surface, should stop using and maintenance. Maintenance special wrench, the user if necessary, can be ordered to the factory or make a request when ordering.


(1)When working, do not stand at both ends of the component and install protective devices in dangerous areas.

(2)No parts of the hydraulic system shall be removed in the case of hydraulic pressure on the Jack.

Construction of Lingqiao two-way cylinder hydraulic floor jack price hydraulic cylinder

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