Platinized Titanium Mesh Anode for hypochlorous acid generator

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Product Overview


The Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer transforms regular tap water into a healthy Hydrogen-Rich Antioxidant Water on the go!

The Platinum Titanium Plates, it is capable of producing Antioxidant Water with ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) levels of -200mV within within just 3 minutes! Even lower levels can be achieved by repeating the cycle. It is recommended to keep the ORP levels of the Antioxidant Water below -350 (usually requires two cycles).


Material: High-strengthTritan

Electrode: Platinum Coated Titanium Anode

Hydrogen-rich water content: 800-1000ppb

Electrolytic time: 5 Mins



1. How long will my Hydrogen Rich Water Generator typical last?

Due to the thick, large titanium electrode plates, coated in platinum (completely rust proof), Brand Hydrogen Rich Water Generator typically last 15 – 25 years compared to other common generator which typically lasts 2 – 3 years on average.

2. What are the Hydrogen Rich Water Generator cleaning procedures?

Minerals such as Ca, Mg, and other mineral clusters in the water supply tend to stick to the electrode plates, which decreases the electrolysis capability of the machine. To counter this, Brand water ionizers are equipped with an automatic cleaning system that is activated for 20 seconds when water is continually ionized for 15 minutes.
There is also another way to clean the electrolysis cell manually. Setting the water to pH 5.5 and running the water tap for 2 – 3 minutes gently reverses the electric current and removes the crystals in the electrolysis cell.

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Our Services

Customize the Titanium Electrodes:

Utron has a professional technical team with decades of experience on titanium electrodes, coated titanium anodes; we can design the coating according to your specific working condition. Customize the operating life as per clients’ specific needs.


Develop New Products:

UTron has excellent innovative technical engineers help you to develop new products.


Consulting and Technical Assistance:

The sales engineers and technical engineers in UTron are professional; they have intrinsic knowledge of the world of cathodic protection, waste water treatment, electroplating and electrowinning. Feel free to contact them you have any queries. They are committed to improve your processes or to solve a tricky challenge that, given certain circumstances, might have never previously existed.



UTron can produce as per clients’needs.



UTron can provide the Accelerated Life Test, Coating X-Ray Test, Coating Thickness Test, Helium Leak Detection Test, Contact Resistance Test, Electrochemical Performance Test and other test.

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UTron can offer free or paid samples for test.

Company Information

UTron Technology is one of the leading manufacturers of titanium electrodes, coated titanium anodes and waste water treatment solution in China. It has a professional technical team and skilled workers with decades of experience in titanium electrodes and electrochemistry fields. It can offer you customize high quality titanium electrodes and perfect solutions.

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Why Choose UTron?
1. Decades of titanium electrodes production experience and technical background;
2. Professional technical team and skillful workers;
3. Complete production line, from raw materials, mechanical process, surface treatment and deep processing;
4. Complete products ranges: cathodic protection titanium anodes; waste water treatment titanium electrodes; electroplating titanium electrodes; electrowinning titanium electrodes; platinized titanium electrodes, etc.
5. ISO9001: 2008, Rohs Certified;
6. Patented products;
7. Exported to 62 countries with over 2000 happy clients.

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