Высокое качество небольшая ошибка сопротивления заземления Измеритель сопротивления заземления/многофункциональная сопротивления заземления клещи

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Product Overview


 High Quality Error Small grounding resistance earth tester/ Multi-function earth resistance clamp meter

Product Description

ST2241 grounding resistance earth tester

1.Basic introduction

Product Name: High Quality Error Small grounding resistance earth tester digital, Multi-function earth resistance clamp meter

Function: grounding resistance, soil resistivity;Ground voltage, AC voltage measurement

Soil Resistivity Range: 0.00Ωm~1kΩm

Resistance Range: 0.00Ω~100.0kΩ

Voltage Range: AC 0.0~600V

Measurement Method: precision four-wire, three-wire measurement, simple two-wire measurement

Line Voltage: measure below AC 100V

Application: ST2241 soil resistivity earth resistance tester is adopted the latest digital and micro-processing technology and can accurately detect ground resistance, soil resistivity, and ground voltage. It uses a fast filtering technique to minimize interference. Displaying the resistance value of the auxiliary electrode in the same screen, which is convenient for judging the measurement error caused by environmental factors, facilitating more accurate measurement of the grounding true resistance value.Widely used in telecommunications, electricity, meteorology, computer rooms, oil fields, power distribution lines, iron tower transmission lines, gas stations, factory grounding networks, lightning rods and so on. The instrument has the characteristics of precise, fast, simple, stable and reliable.


2.Technical Parameters

2.1 Baseline and working conditions



Benchmark condition

Working conditions


Auxiliary grounding resistance value

< 100Ω

 < 100kΩ

rC, rP

Electrode distance when measuring R

 a> 5d

a> 5d


Electrode distance when measuring ρ




Ambient temperature




Environment wet crossing

40% ~ 60%




2.2.General specifications


Two, three or four wires measure ground resistance and soil resistivity;Ground voltage, AC voltage measurement

Power supply

DC 8.4V (2 rechargeable lithium batteries)


Ground resistance: 0.00Ω~100.0kΩ

Soil resistivity: 0.00Ωm ~ 1kΩm (then multiplied by the coefficient 2πa)

Measurement method

Precision 4-wire, 3-wire measurement, simple 2-wire measurement of ground resistance

Short-circuit test current

AC ± 20mA max

Open circuit test voltage

AC ± 20V max

Test voltage waveform

square wave (1KHz)

Electrode pitch range

can be set from 1m to 10m

Standard test line

4 strips: 2 strips of 20m length, 2 strips of 10m length

Simple test lead

2 strips: 1.0m yellow, 1 each green 1.0m

Auxiliary ground rod

4 pieces:φ10mm×150mm

Line voltage

AC 600V or less

USB interface

With USB interface, software real-time monitoring, stored data can be uploaded to the computer, save and print, soil layer analysis and other functions

Communication line

1 USB cable, 1.5m long

Auxiliary ground test

With auxiliary ground resistance value test function, but must meet R + rC <50kΩ, R + rP <50kΩ R is the measured ground resistance

Working temperature and humidity


Storage temperature and humidity




2.3.Basic error and performance index under reference conditions


Measurement function

Measuring range



Ground resistance(R)















Soil resistivity(ρ)

depends on the measurement range of R

(ρ=2πa(R÷100)   a:1 m~100m;π=3.14)

(ρmin = 1.256Ωm , ρmax = 125.6KΩm )

Ground voltage

AC 0.0~600V




Note: 1. When rC or rP is larger, the additional error is ≤ ± 3% rdg ± 5dgt.(rC max < 50kΩ; rP max < 50kΩ)


3.Applicable scene

grounding resistance earth tester  grounding resistance earth tester  grounding resistance earth tester

Ground resistance test                  AC step voltage test                      Soil resistivity test


Company Information

 grounding resistance earth testergrounding resistance earth tester

Packaging & Shipping

 grounding resistance earth tester


Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

    A: We are professional testing equipment manufacturer.

Q: When can I get the price?

    A: Usually we quote within 12 hours after we get your enquiry. You can also place an order directly on the product page.

Q: What are your Delivery terms?

    A: We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, you can choose convenient and cost-effective.

Q: What is the payement terms?

    A: T/T bank transfer,L/C,western union,we suggest your side to pay online of alibababy credit card,and trade assurance.

Q: What about the after-sale service?

    A: Guaraantee period is 12 months,after the warranty,we also provide life-long paidrepair or service.

Q: What about the delivery date?

    A: Usually we offer 1-2 weeks after order confirmed and payment received,and we can also accept urgent order for prompt shipment.

Q: What about the transportation?

    A: It depends on your requirement.We can delivery by air to your airport, or by sea to your seaport, ordelivery to your office address by express courier, and we also accept to cooperate with your ship agentor forwarder.

Q: What about the package?

    A: Usually we offer wooden cases, or multilayer carton boxes inner with plastic filmwrapped, or customized foam or aluminum suitcase, we will offer package pictures for customer referencebefore delivery out the goods.

Q: What about the M.O.Q?

    A: Usually we do not have M.O.Q, we can offer even only 1 unit, while, you are  welcome to order in bulk, andwe are quite pleasure to offer pleasant outstanding discount.

Q: What about the power supply?

    A: Usually we offer 110V/50HZ, and we can also convert the power suooly to meet your local power supply, kindly contact us for confirmation.

Q: Are your operation keypad, interface, software and manual in English version?

    A: Yes, its operation keypad, interface,software and manual in English version if you need other languages,kindly contact us for confirmation.

Q: Can you offer quality certification?

    A: Yes, we can offer quality certification issued by our lab free of charge, or issued by third-party international inspection Organization with extra charge please cantact us for confirmation.

Q: Can you do the calibration and installation before handover the goods?

    A: Yes, we do installation, checking and calibration works before packed and handover the goods. Customer can do tests directly only after some simply installation.


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Q: How to confirm the order?

    A: You can send us your purchase order, sign&stamp back by us to make the order be confirmed, or send us email mention us the order was confirmed by your side, then attached the proforma invoice with bank information by return the email from us to confirm the order, Or you can start order online of alibaba,com by Secure payment or trade assurance, please contact us for further detail confirmation.

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Q: What is the valid for the PI(proforma invoice)?

    A: Considering the changing of the freight charge, Please do the transfer within 2 weeks.


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