Qingdao Hibong Brown Yellow Powder Fulvic Acid Powder Agriculture ORGANIC Fertilizer

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Fulvic acid agriculture grade fulvic acid cas 479-66-3

fulvic acid

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Biological fulvic acid, also known as fulvic acid, is extracted from plants bodies, weathered coal, peat, etc, using special bacteria biological fermentation and chemical treament technology. It is a kind of short carbon chain molecular material extracted from natural plants, with high loading capacity and physiological activity. Fulvic acid contains small molecule aromatic carboxylic acid chemical compounds, its main components containing fulvic acid, amino acid, trace element, etc. It also contains biological active substances and plant endogenous hormone including nucleic acid, salicylic acid, carbohydrates, indole acids, collagen, etc.

cas 479-66-3

Its appearance is brown yellow powder. It is instantly dissolved in water. Water Solubility: 99.9%. PH: 5.0-7.0.



Brown yellow powder


Smell of Fulvic

Solubility in water




Fulvic Acid (Dry Basis)


Amino Acid







85 Mu

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fulvic acidcas 479-66-3agriculturefulvic acid

cas 479-66-3

QINGDAO HIBONG FERTILIZER CO. LTD is located in Huangdao Dist., Qingdao City, Shandong Province. We are mainly engaged in manufacture and sales of all kinds of organic fertilizer and new-type fertilizer. We have professional R&D ability, advanced production facility, internationally top organic fertilizer production technologies and high-qualified service team. With many years’ development, our company has accumulated abundant industry experience and has become the pioneer enterprise of China’s organic fertilizer industry.

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agriculturefulvic acidcas 479-66-3agriculture

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