Heat exchanger plate Rubber gasket GEA SONDEX S4A S7A S14A S18

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Heat exchanger plate Rubber gasket GEA  SONDEX S4A S7A S14A S18

We can supply various types of plate heat exchanger gasket.
Molds can be designed and opened according to your requirements if the quantity is enough.
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Gasket Material
Temperature Range ( ºC )
Available Medium
-20 to 110
Water, Oil, Acid etc.
-30 to 150
Steam, Ammonia, Acid etc.
-30 to 160
Mineral Oil, Thermal Oil
-30 to 180
High Tempearture Water
-20 to 180
Acid, Glycol, Chloride
-55 to 220
High Temperature Oil

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Propellent Exchanger


The heating, cooling, evaporation, crystallization, sterilization and other processes in the processing of liquid food, and the heating, evaporation, condensation and sterilization of various pharmaceutical liquids and pure water.

Textile industry
Viscose Sericin Solution cooling, boiling nitrocellulose cooling, heat recovery of textile detergent, heating of wool cleaning solution, heat recovery of various waste liquids, water solution cooling, boiling phosphating fiber cooling, cooling of viscose solution, acetic acid and acetic anhydride, heating and cooling of waste liquor of dyestuff factory, chemical fiber process, printing and dyeing solution cooling.
Oil industry
Heating and cooling of various oil products, condensation and cooling of gas at the top of the tower, cooling water system of factories and offshore drilling platform are used for cooling fresh water or crude oil of ethylene glycol in sea water circulation, heat recovery and cooling gas in desalination unit, fresh water distillation and dehydration of triglycol.

About Us

Propellent, is the booster and leader of effective heat exchange technology in all industries.Our branch companied located in Beijing, Tianjin and Anhui province provide one-stop heat exchange technology services to industrial and enterprise users all over the world. Meanwhile, Propellent actively explore the global industrial market, we have achieved industrial heat exchange technology and finish turn-key projects in the African market such as Ethiopia, Zambia, guinea and Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Also, we have realized heat exchange equipment sales in industrial markets of developed countries, such as Germany, the United States, Hungary, the Czech republic.

Propellent can be able to offer a full range of heat exchange design calculation in full working condition. We have accumulated rich experience in heating, cooling and waste heat recovery for complex process mediums. Propellent never views separately in the selection of heat exchange equipment applications, but put it in the whole process production line, Therefore, we find the best balance to consider the whole initial investment in equipment and long-term operating costs. We optimize manufacturing processes of our clients and reduce the use of fresh energy to provide our customers maximum value when we find reasonable main points in high heat transfer efficiency and pressure loss.

Propellent---The Booster and leader of effective heat exchange technology in all industries
Propellent---Technical expert in heat exchange field for fully working condition

Propellent---Technology application can deeply understand customers' basic needs
Propellent---Modularized and systematic process design concept, to guarantee meeting final demand of clients in full working

Propellent---Professional calculation, expert team, Improve energy efficiency and reduce production costs
Propellent---Abundant types of replacement parts,Apply to international brands in all directions such as Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Sondex, Tranter, Vicarb, Hisaka, API etc.

After Sales Service


1. Do you have your own factory?
Yes, welcome to visit our factory and check our products.

2. What is your leading time for the products I need?

Generally 7 working days. It depends on the quantities you request.

3. What is the warranty for your products?
We provide one year warranty for all the items we sold.

4. What payment terms do you accept?
Trade Assurance/TT/ Letter of Credit/ Western Union

Any other questions,Feel free to contact us!

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