Mdj-300m двойного назначения твердой и жидкой фазы негатоскоп

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Mdj-300m dual-purpose solid-liquid densitometer

   Mdj-300m solid liquid dual-purpose densitometer, main machine in Germany, easy to operate, density accuracy one thousandth, stable performance, simple and fast operation, can instantly read density value, suitable for fast multiple density test.Equipped with special windproof dust cover, easy combination, durable;Rs-232c communication interface, easy to connect PC and printer, printer can be selected to print measurement data.

Mainly for: rubber, plastic, wire and cable, tire, glass products, hard alloy, chemical solution, chemical energy, petroleum fuel, fine chemical industry, chemical reagents, chemical research laboratory, new materials research laboratory.Suitable for quality management, formula modulation, cost control, density research and other areas of density measurement.

According to: ASTM D792, ASTM D297, GB/T1033, GB/T2951, GB/T3850, GB/T533, hg4-1468, JIS K6268, ISO 2781, ISO 1183, GB/T 611, GB/T11540, GB/T12206, GB/T5518..., etc. 


Mdj-300m dual-purpose solid-liquid densitometer

Technical parameters:

1. Density analysis: 0.001 g/cm3

2. Max weighing: 300g

3. Min weighing: 0.005g

4. Measuring range: 0.001 -- 99.999g/cm3


Mdj-300m dual-purpose solid-liquid densitometer

Solid function features:

1. Fast and automatic density reading reduces the complexity of manual conversion

2, plastic particles, foam body, film, vulcanized rubber, sealing ring, metal products...And similar products can be measured quickly

3, use water as the medium, can also use other liquid medium

4. With actual water temperature compensation function, it can adapt to the change of test environment

5, the use of an integral form of large capacity measurement accessories, tank corrosion resistance, break resistance


Liquid function features:

1. One-step operation is convenient for multiple continuous and rapid tests

2. Any solution can be measured quickly

3. The sample density can be measured from room temperature to 100℃

4. Easy sampling, only 50CC for the tested sample

5. No complicated debugging and operation of wechsler balance method and specific gravity bottle method

6, can cooperate with the operation of the constant temperature tank, measure the liquid specific gravity of the required temperature

7. The measuring cup is easy to clean, not limited by the small diameter of the specific gravity bottle, and can be reused.Disposable measuring cups are also available

8, volatile liquid, corrosive liquid, viscous liquid, strong acid and strong alkaline liquid can be quickly measured (choose relevant accessories)

  Mdj-300m dual-purpose solid-liquid densitometer


Solid measurement steps:

(1) put the product into the measuring table, measure the weight in the air, press ENTER key memory.

(2) the product into the water to measure the weight of the water, press ENTER key memory, display density value.


Liquid measurement steps:

(1) put the sample beaker on the measuring plate, and deduct the weight of the hook.

(2) use a hook to put the standard weight into the liquid to be measured and hang it on the measuring rack, that is, the density value is displayed.

  Mdj-300m dual-purpose solid-liquid densitometer

Standard accessories: 1 host, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 weight, 1 set of windproof and dust cover, 1 solid water tank, 1 set of solid measuring table, 1 set of particle measuring device, 1 set of floating body accessories, 1 set of liquid measuring placing plate, 1 set of liquid measuring bracket, 1 set of standard liquid measuring components, 1 set of power transformer


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