YT TORCH small lab electric furnace

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1.Product has the capabilities to resistance to oxidation and automatically repair, suitable for continued using in any kinds of oxidizing atmospheres.

2.Product is shaped in hot-working process, which keeps the base material in good tenacity and plasticity at high temperature. The geometrical figure, standard and dimension is canonical, may produce any special shape and any dimension to meet the customer requirement.

3.Because of the special technology, welding spot is firm and shock resistance, which dramatically reduced the damaged probability of welding spot by electric current, as well as transit and installation.

4.High density of YT Torch product increases its electrical conductivity. The characters of faster warming and power consumption low, which reduce production cost.

5.Good appearance quality and tenacity, high mechanical strength.

6.Protective layer of quartz glass is compact and good adhesion with the substrate

7.Excellent high temperature strength which is not easy to deform in use




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