77GHz 250 meters Long Range Microwave Radar Sensor for Autonomous Vehicles with ADAS Function ARS408

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Product Overview


77GHz 250 meters Long Radar for Automotive Forward Collison Warning with ADAS and AEB functions.


When the vehicle is running in front of a sudden obstacle and other emergencies, the human response time is about 660 milliseconds, while the radar collision avoidance system response time is less than 50 milliseconds, radar is 13 times faster than people! Radar is an intelligent sensor to prevent vehicle from collision. System with radar technology can automatically detect obstacles and avoid collision of vehicles, pedestrians by alarming or braking, making the driving safety from "passive" to "active".


ARS408 .png


Radar features:

*Work in 77GHz-ISM-Band 

*Long range detection 250 meters 

*Accurately measure the direction, range, velocity and angle of stationary moving targets

*Protection class IP6k 9k

*Hige detection rate




Measuring performance                                    to natural targets (non-reflector targets)
Distance range    0.20 ...250 m far range,
0.20...70m/100m@0…±45° and 0.20…20m@±60°
near range
Resolution distance measuring point targets, no tracking 1.79 m far range, 0.39 m (0.20m@standstill) near range
- ability to separate targets and objects 1.5…2 x  resolution
Accuracy distance measuring point targets, no tracking ±0.40 m far range, ±0.10 m (±0.05m@standstill) near range
Azimuth angle augmentation  (field of view FoV)  -9.0°...+9.0° far field, -60°...+60° near range 
Elevation angle augmentation  (field of view FoV) 14° far range, 20° near range at 6 dBm two way 
Azimuth beam width (3 dB)  6 dB values 1.4 x large 2.2° far range, 4.4°@0° / 6.2°@±45° / 17°@±60° near range
Elevation beam width  6 dB two way  14° far range, 20° near range 
Resolution azimuth angle point targets, no tracking 1.6° far range, 3.2°@0° / 4.5°@±45° / 12.3°@±60° near
- ability to separate targets and objects 1.5…2 x
Accuracy azimuth angle point targets, no tracking ±0.1° far range, ±0.3°@0°/ ±1°@±45°/ ±5°@±60°near range
Velocity range   -400 km/h...+200 km/h (- leaving objects...
Velocity resolution target separation ability  0.37 km/h far field, 0.43 km/h near range
Velocity accuracy  point targets ±0.1 km/h 
Sensitivity (min. RCS@x m) -6dB 10m2@250m far range,
1m2@70m & 0°..±45° - 1m2@10m & ±60° near
Cycle time    app. 60 ms near and far measurement
Antenna channels / -principle planar 4TX/2x6RX = 24 channels = 2TX/6RX far - 2TX/6RX
near / Digital Beam Forming
Operation Conditions
Radar operating frequency band acc. ETSI & FCC 76…77GHz
Transmission capacity  average / peak EIRP <14.1 dBm@77GHz / <35.1 dBm – sweep bandwith
500 MHz
Mains power supply at 12 V DC / 24 V DC  +8,0 V...32 V DC
Power consumption at 12 V DC / 10 A fuse 6.6 W / 550 mA typ. and
12 W / 1.0 A @max. peak power
Load dump protection internal    disconnection >60 V and re-start returning to <60 V
Operating-/ storage temperature   -40°C...+85°C / -40°C...+90°C 
Life time acc. LV124 part 2 - v1.3 10000 h or 10 years (for passenger cars)
Shock mechanical  500 m/s2@6 ms half-sine (10 x shock each in +/-X/Y/Z direction)
Interface   1xCAN- High speed 500kbit/s
Dimension W*L*H 140*70*35mm
Weight   200g
Material front/back PBT+GF30 for front shell,Dia casting aluminum for back shell.


Radar description:

The ARS 408 are 77 GHz long range radar sensors that have been specially designed by A.D.C. GmbH for deployment in automotive applications. Its purpose is the contactfree measurement of distance, speed and position by using digital formed beams with a F.o.V. (Field of View) of up to ±45° in near range for ARS
408 and up to ±9° in far range for ARS 408. The ARS 408 are typically mounted behind a secondary plastic surface (radome).


RADAR FOV picture:


ARS408 77GHz Radar for Automotive Front Collision Warning and ADAS Accurate, Effective, Safe



The ARS 408 is a 77 GHz radar sensor with digital beam-forming scanning antenna which offers two independent scans for far and short range.
ARS 408 radar systems provides following features:
• Simultaneous detection of multiple stationary and moving objects with relative speed of

-400 to 200 km/h
• Determination of advanced object attributes like RCS, geometry and orientation (RCS = Radar Cross Section – value for reflectivity)
• Classification of moving objects as vehicle, motorbike, bicycle or pedestrian
• Dual scan provides detections in far range (up to 170 resp. 250 m) and extended field of view (FoV) in short range with high range resolution
• Configurable output of up to 250 raw detections (untracked clusters) or 100 tracked objects (tracks) via CAN bus
• Optional filtering and sorting of object list based on object attributes
• Collision warnings with up to eight regions of interest that can be defined via CAN bus
• Usage both on stationary and moving platform with optional input of sensor speed and yaw rate
• Scalable family approach with different control interface options
• Internal processing unit for additional software functionality on customer request
• Sensors designed to host sensor fusion (RAM, ROM, runtime) with other sensors (e.g. camera)
• Reduced cost and size to 3rd generation radar sensor ARS 30X
• Higher level of integration
• No moving parts


Installation cases on bus for auto driving, multiple sensors fusion


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About Nanoradar:

Nanoradar, established in 2012, is specialized in developing, producing and selling millimeter wave radar for security, UAV, automotive, smart traffic and other industrial application. Our products covers 24GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz frequency band. We have successfully developed 10+ models MMW radar products. Nanoradar’s radar detection range covers 30-450 meters. The accuracy is up to 85% for security radar to identify pedestrians. As a leading MMW radar manufacture in China, Nanoradar products also well accepted in overseas market like US, Korea, UK, and France etc.


Nanoradar is providing 24GHz / 77GHz Radar Sensors and Systems.

1. NRA24---24GHz 50~200 meters UAV Altimeter Radar.

2. MR72---77GHz 40-80 meters UAV collision avoidance radar

3. CAR28T / 28F---Vehicle BSD/LCA radar  Heavy-duty vehicle collision avoidance radar. 

4. MR76---77GHz 170 meters Automotive ADAS radar ( ACC/AEB)

5. NSR80W/NSR100W/NSR300W---Security perimeter intrusion detection


 Professinal Nanoradar team produce professional radar products!




Q: What is the MOQ ?

A: 1PC sample order is acceptable, customized product will be negotiated.


Q: What is the payment terms?

A: T/T, L/C at sight


Q: What is the warranty time?

A: 12 months


Q: What is the lead time?

A: 3~7 days for sample order, bulk order will be 15~30 days around.


Q: What is the type of shipping?

A: By express, by air and by sea (FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS)


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