water leak plugging king plugging king Used in Kitchen, toilet and basement

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Plugging god is our factory absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and to improve and update, using a unique formula developed from the new generation of highly effective moisture-proof, impermeable multi-functional plugging material, is also an excellent bonding material, this product is a single group of gray powder.Its main technical index is higher than domestic similar product, reach international advanced level.It is characterized by fast setting and hardening, very short initial and final setting time interval, and rapid strength after final setting, with the strength greater than 10Mpa in 15 minutes and more than 20mpa in 1 hour.Can be local quickly with water plugging, and can be large area anti-seepage plastering, can take water operation, and quickly stop water plugging.The product is simple in construction, strong in adhesion with the basic level, no shrinkage, no fall off, can be widely used in houses, underground tunnels, mines and other projects to stop leakage, stop water, repair perfusion.The product is non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection products.
▲ scope of application
It can be widely used in all kinds of underground construction or structures, cable channels, pools, toilets, air defense caverns, subway tunnels and other projects to stop water leakage.It can also be used for emergency repair of urban underground pipelines and water pipelines and emergency repair and perfusion of equipment foundation.In addition, plug leak god also is the first choice material that stickup ceramic tile, Mosaic, marble wait for a block material, can make waterproof and stickup complete.
▲ construction method
1, the first cut to sew leaking or leaking point "∨" model, clutter at the grass-roots level to deal with clean and make the
foundation strong compaction.
2, will plug the god into the mixing bowl (bucket), add the right amount of water quickly mixing into slurry (add water more set time extension), the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, with warm water (40 degrees or so) quickly stir.
3, for slurry micro hot and slightly hard material into "∨" type slot or leaky seam, and compacted to a general water can be
blocked within minutes.
4, for the seepage pit, can directly plug the god dry powder into the pit, and then compaction, wipe, water conservation.
5. For severe water leakage cracks, drainage method is adopted to plug the seam first and then the seam.Finally, plug the drainage hole.
6, for large area of leakage, when necessary in the leakage of the serious part of the hole drainage, with slow coagulation
plugging god for large area treatment, and then plug god hole.
7. Finally, the factory can be used to slow coagulation plug the god face, and water conservation.

Company Profile

Shandong Xika new energy co. LTD. is a comprehensive company focusing on the research, development, production, sales and customer service of building decoration materials such as back coating, ceramic tile glue, waterproof paint, automotive supplies and plastic packaging products, with perfect quality assurance measures and timely and thoughtful after-sales service system.The company was founded in 2019. Since its establishment, the group has been adhering to the philosophy of "building first-class talents, making first-class products and creating first-class enterprises". At present, shandong Xika new energy co., ltd. has outstanding science and technology professionals and advanced testing, testing equipment, specializing in the production of waterproof products and external wall coating products.It is widely used in the waterproof and leak-proof engineering and decoration of the facilities such as residential buildings, commercial clubs, office buildings, civil air defense, Bridges, roads, subways, garages, stadiums, factories and warehouses and renovation of ancient buildings.The specific application of waterproof products can be divided into: indoor and outdoor wall waterproof, roof waterproof, ground waterproof, toilet waterproof, balcony waterproof, pool waterproof and kitchen waterproof.And metope coating suits the decoration of all sorts of high school low grade of interior and exterior wall to decorate, product quality is superior and cheap, win user public praise to spread praise very much.
Waterproof series products of the company include: K11 general-purpose waterproof coating, K11 of flexible waterproof slurry, JS polymer cement waterproof coating, hutch defends 100, cement-based permeable crystallization type waterproof coating, waterborne polyurethane waterproof coating, plugging king, acrylic waterproof coating, silicone waterproofing agent, transparent polymer waterproof coating, ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic tile gap filling agent, magnetization crack repair cream, pioneer, hutch defends free hit between waterproof brick, wall Gu (Gu), polymer bo changes a brick of gum, spraying cover protective film, etc.And metope coating includes: all sorts of high middle grade interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, interior and exterior wall anti-alkali primer, waterproof heat insulation paint.The company's automotive supplies including automotive chassis armor, automotive wax and industrial wax, car wash fluid, tire wax, advanced technology, mature formula.Plastic packaging products have more advantages, advanced machinery, barrel mold rich, convenient logistics, involved in a wide range of industries, chemical, paint, oil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers.

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