Vertical rubber roller autoclave

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Product Overview


New Advanced Rubber Boiler/Rubber vulcanizing tank/Tyre vulcanizing tank/Tire shredder machine



1.vulcanizing boiler,vulcanizing tank,vulcanizing vessel safe and operate automatic,insulation completely

1 - name

vulcanizing boiler,vulcanizing tank,vulcanizing vessel

2- USE

Vulcanzine all kinds of rubber products,such as rubber shoes,

rubber pipes ect.













Diameter (mm)






Effective length (mm)








Design temperature


Experiment pressure




Product features

l       Mitsubishi PLC control of temperature, pressure and process time

l       Memory accessible for process time,pressure and temperature

l       Printing available for time, pressure and temperature

l          Rubust designed safety door(Automatic sensing interlock, automatic pressure interlock)

l   Well done insulation

    Heating and circulation

l   Steam indirect heating.

l       helix disco heat radiator is attached on the steam pipe ,strategically located at the left ,right, bottom of the vulcanizing boiler.

l       the inlet steam take the bottom channel and radiate heat to the other two radiators .

l        heat wave recycle in a high speed drived by impeller through the stratigcally located wave channel to achieve desirable temperature distribution and products uniform effect. 

l      the vulcanizing boiler features prompt temperature delivery and evenly distribution. Temperature tolerance is within ±0.5°C inside the vulcanizing boiler 

Door operation and seal

l       Safety door and inflatable seal

l       Easy operation manual type.Inflation is done on the door seal ring to achieve a desired seal position via process pressure.

l       the seal ring repositioned when the process pressure is gone ,which guarantee safety and saves wear out

Safety interlock

l       Automatic sensing interlock

The sensor will actuate the program when the safety door is fully in position and give the door a firmly phumatic lock.

l      automatic pressure interlock instrument, the door will be locked in an automatic manner when the process pressure reachs as high as 0.01MPA,to ensure a firmly and safely lock.

l       manual interlock instrument,process pressure can not be applied while the manual interlock remains in open position, for the simple reason that the valve connecting to the manual interlock will block the treatment pressure.make sure the manual interlock remains in an open position when opening the door. bear in mind that the manual interlock operation always comes  before the electrical-drived  interlock operation. Thus guarantee a pressure free door-opening operation.

Temperature control mode

l        three stratigic location inside the chamber is choosen to test the temperature distribution.

l        one F value test location is set to test the uniformity of temperature and pressure.

l        one digital temperature reader and one temperature sensor is designed at the shell middle to collect data to transmit to computer.

l        the automatic steam valve will adjust their working position to meet the set temperature value.

l        temperature tolerance inside the chamber is within ±0.5°C.

l        all  steam control systerm is designed with manual option in case of emergency and maintenance

Pressure control

l       pressure inside the chamber is controlled automatically to match the setting value via phumatic angle seat valve,in a compensate and relief manner.

l       manual valve option is available for pressure control

l       avaiable digital pressure additional pressure gauge for easy operation

l       one lift safety valve attached on the shell body for overpressure relief

l       overpressure alarming systerm

Time control

l       Rise up, treamtment  and cooling time is controlled automatically.

l       multi-segment rise up and process plan is avilable.

l       automatic control of uniform treating temperature .

l       digital reader available.

l       easy operation data setting for different product, specification and process.



l       Shell and cover head Insulation is made by 50mm spun glass covered by 1.50mm cold rolled sheet.welding attached.

l       insulation inside the cover head is fixed by bolts which can better preserve the heat and energy effective..

Loading rail and loading cart

Heavy duty steel rail, loading cart size customized available

Application scope

Rubber shoes,rubber boot,rubber glove etc.








Exibition & Customers





All the product are CE,ISO,SGS Approved.

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Details: Wood Pallet & Film Wrap 
Delivery Detail: 60 Working Days Since Down Payment

Our Services

 1.pre-sale services
Act as a good adviser and assistant of client enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
1)select equipment model
2)design and manufacture products according to clients' special request
3)train technical personnel for clents. during the sale
1)Recheck and accept products ahead of delivery
2)Help clients to draft solving plans
3.after-sale services
1)provide considerate services to minimize client's worries.
2)Help client to solve the assembly question
3)take responsibility if any technical problem


 Q:Are you factory or trading company?

A:We are a manufacturer with over than 15years of experience in Rubber Machine.

 which include: plate vulcanizing press, open rubber mixing mill, banbury intensive kneader, extruder, rubber machinery, textile machinery,shot blast cleaning machine, foundry machinery, woodworking machinery, wheel barrow and tire etc

Factory Add: Huang Shan Economic Zone, Jiaonan, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)

Welcome your visiting and we can arrange our driver to pick up you. 

Q:What advantages do you have?

We have15 years trust of our customers. Guarantee Quality and timely Delivery !

Skilled QC staff and do the best quality control,Fast shipment as per customers requirement.

Q: What are your delivery times?
The delivery time is 20-45 days after order be confirmed.  For the exact date,please check with our sales team.

Q:What kind of surface treatment do you provide for your goods?
Galvanized ,chrome coating or powder coating are available. We can also make it according to our customer’s requirement.

Q:I’m not sure about your product, can you send me sample for reference?
Our standard product samples are free of charge except for the freight fee.
For customized products, sample fee as well as the freight fee are charged.

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