Расходные строительные инструменты, макс. tw897 tw898 tw1061t, вязальная проволока для арматуры, вязальный станок, яруса арматуры RB441T RB611T, двойной ярус

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We are a professional rebar binding machine and dedicated wire coil manufacturer from China, we have 20 years of production and processing experience, our TWIN WIRE TIER WL460 new type binding machine, the maximum binding steel bar diameter is 46mm, the WL660 new twinwire-tier rebar binding machine, the maximum binding steel bar diameter is 66mm, using Dual brushless motors and 18.5V 5.0Ah lithium battery, faster and more efficient.

 twintier rebar tying gun

twintier parameters

At the same time, we also provide different kind of spool wire.
For example, MAX TW897A,TW898 (TW899A) binding wire.
TJEP ULTRA GRIP XP 40 Rebar binder tying wire.
MAX TW1061T(TW1060T) twinwire-tier rebar tying gun tie wire.
Makitao DTR180ZJ rebar tie wire gun wire reel.
And other brand automatic rebar tying machine.

Our TW1061T Rebar Tie Wire(Double Wire):

For use with RB441T,RB611T,WL-460/660 twin wire tier.
The twinwire-tier Braiding Wire comes in two 33-34 meter rolls and wraps itself around the object to be braided only once.
The loop of the twinwire-tier Braid Wire is 50% lower and in addition no ends are created.
This is especially an advantage in tunnel construction and wide slab floors because even with a lower coverage, no or less corrosion will occur.
Contents box 50 rolls
Annealed version
Length roll 2 x 33-34 mtr


TW1061T Rebar Tie Wire Parameters:

Rebar Tie Wire TW1061T With CE

Gauge: 19

Coil Length: double wire 33-34m

For use with: Mfr. No. RB441T RB611T twinwire-tier


Black annealed wire (TW1061T Regular Wire)

Electro galvanized wire (TW1061T-EG )

Plastic/Polyester coated tie wire (TW1061T-PC )

Stainless steel wire (TW1061T-S)

Wraps per Tie: 1

Ties per Coil: 230-265

Country of Origin: China

50pcs/carton box, 420*175*245mm, 23KGS, 0.018CBM

2400pcs(48 cartons)/pallet, 1150*900*1100(mm),1100KGS, 1.14CBM

MOQ:2400Pcs,One Pallet Packing

twintier tie wire

Polyester coated wire

TW1061T-PC Plastic Coated Wire

twintier tw1061t wire


Our TW898 Rebar Tie Wire(Single Wire):


21 Gauge TW898 Binding Wire For MAX RB218,RB397,RB398S,RB518 Rebar Tying Tool 

21 Gauge TW899 Binding Wire For RB399A,RB399S Rebar Tie Gun

TJEP ULTRA GRIP 40 Rebar Binder,Makita DTR180ZJ Rebar Tying Gun,

XDL-25A,XDL-40A,XDL-58A Etc Rebar Tier,Automatic Rebar Tying Machine



TW898 Rebar Tying Wire Parameters:


TW898 Tie Wire (Galvanized Steel Wire)-Common Used Spool
Diameter0.8mm (The thickness of wire is only 0.8mm)
Packing Info.50pcs/carton box, 449*310*105(mm), 
20.5KGS, 0.017CBM
2500pcs/pallet, 1020*920*1000(mm),
1000KGS, 0.94CBM
Wire CoilMOQ:2500pcs,One Pallet Packing.



makita tie wire

Tjep Ultra Grip 40 Wire.jpg


TW898 & TW1061T Spool Wire Packing:



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