Химические вещества для электроники используют 201 метиловое силиконовое масло/PDMS/Cas NO: 63148-62-9

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Product Description


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Electronics Chemicals use 201 methyl silicone oil / PDMS / Cas NO: 63148-62-9


Iota-201 dimethicone(methyl silicone oil), dimethicone chemical name: poly two methyl siloxane, molecular formula is: (CH3) 3SiO [(CH3) 2SiO] n-Si (CH3) 3

The product is a colorless and transparent new polymer materials, a variety of different viscosities (5cps ~ 2million cps), the liquid from flowing easily into a thick semi-solid material. This product has a special smoothness, softness, hydrophobicity, good chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation and resistance to high temperature. High flash point, low freezing point, long-term using between -50 ℃ ~ +200 ℃, low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression ratio, low surface tension, water-repellent moisture resistance, low heat conduction coefficient.



iota 750800  3


Technical Index:


Flash point(≥℃)160210270310310310



How to use:


Because it have special and excellent physical and chemical function, it can be used in many different industries:

1. Cosmetic industry for skin care cream, bath gel, shampoo and other cosmetic formulations with excellent softness and silky feel.

2. Rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane, light industry: as a model release agent, brightener agent and release agent of some rubber, plastic, latex , polyurethane products and handicraft production.

3. Machinery, automotive, instrumentation, electronics and other industries used as high-grade lubricants, liquid springs, cutting fluids, buffers oil, transformer oil, high temperature brake fluid, brake fluid, instrumentation damping oil, mold release agents and other modeling framework.

4. Textile, apparel industry as a softener, water repellent, feel modifiers, sewing thread lubrication, chemical fiber spinneret pressure lubrication and clothing lining additives.

5. Add it to other additives in leather and leather chemicals industry, it can be used as softeners, water repellent, feel agents, defoamers, brighteners.

6. Pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paint , building materials industry as defoamers, lubricants, and other weather-resistant paint.

7. Other specific purposes and other new materials.



Depending on the application conditions, the concentration is from a few PPM up to 100% range.



With a high concentration of acid or alkali substances and Lewis acid has a tendency to degrade volatile exposure, the higher the temperature of the reaction is more obvious. Low concentration in contact with strong acid or alkali at high temperatures or prolonged action of the viscosity tends to become larger until cross -linked.


Packing & Shipping



Packing and storage:

1. 50 kg polyethylene plastic buckets or drums 200kg

2. Should be stored airtight in a dry and ventilated place, avoid acid, alkali substances.

3. Non-dangerous goods storage and transportation


Company Information

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As a leading manufacturer in organic silicon industry, silicon-based technology and innovation area, IOTA provide the whole industry chain silicone performance solutions. We serve the market in various fields, covering textiles and leather, food and beverages, paints, oil and natural gas, cosmetics, electronics, aerospace, automotive, construction, medical care, casting, personal care, agriculture, and LED




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Q: Are you a manufactory or trade company?

A: We are a manufactory 


Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?

A: 5-7 days under normal conditions.


Q: Do you provide free samples?

A: Yes, we can offer free sample, you just need to pay the shipping.


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: We can deliver the goods within 7-20 days.


Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

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