Ручной бензиновый снегоочиститель с щеткой для автомобильного ветрового стекла

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Product Description

Main features of snowplow machine
The biggest advantage of a snowplow is that no matter what kind of snow removal type (floating snow, solid snow, ice), it does not need to use salt or snow melting agent, it can adapt to different road conditions, no matter what form of ice and snow can be operated by different mechanisms , And see the black pavement effect at one time, without damaging the marking line, without damaging the road surface, and the snow removal efficiency is more than 95%. The high-density, high-elasticity steel wire roller brush has good deicing effect, and can remove thin ice and thin compacted snow on the road, and the snow removal speed is fast; asymmetric and efficient snow push shovel can also be used; in terms of removing thick ice, we can remove In addition to the scraping roller for breaking ice and snow, we have added a rolling impact roller. This roller will have a satisfactory effect in removing thinner ice without damaging the road surface. It can be used in conjunction with the scraping roller during operation to achieve the effect of deicing at one time. When the auxiliary ice-breaking screw is used, the large ice and snow rolled by the scraping roller can be broken so as to be discharged to the side of the road.


Full gear snowplow
Hand grip
Adjustable and can rotate
Gasoline Engine 
Driving mode
Manual+electric tye
Working width
Brush diameter

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