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Indium ingot 

1.Molecular formula: In

2.Molecular weight: 114.82

3.CAS No.: 7440-74-6

4.HS Code: 8112923010

5.Storage: The storage environment of indium shall be kept clean, dry and free of corrosive substances and other pollutants. When the indium is stored in the open air, it shall be covered with tarpaulin, and the bottom of the lowermost box shall be placed with a pad with a height of not less than 100mm to prevent moisture. Railway and highway transportation can be selected to prevent rain and collision between packages in the process of transportation.

Indium is a white metal, extremely soft, extremely malleable and ductile. Cold weldability, and other metal friction can be attached, liquid indium excellent mobility. The metal indium is not oxidized by air at normal temperature, the indium starts to be oxidized at about 100ºC, (At temperatures above 800 ºC), indium burns to form indium oxide, which has a blue-red flame. Indium is not obviously harmful to human body, but soluble compounds are toxic.

In ≥ 99.995%
Cu:0.00017             Cd: ≤ 0.00006  Sn: ≤ 0.0003 
Al:0.00005              Tl: ≤0.00019 Zn: ≤ 0.00005
Fe :0.00007        Pb: ≤0.00042     As: ≤ 0.0005



1. It is used in flat panel display coating, information materials, high temperature superconducting materials, special solders for integrated circuits, high-performance alloys, national defense, medicine, high-purity reagents and many other high-tech fields.

2. It is mainly used to make bearings and extract high purity indium, and also used in electronic industry and electroplating industry;


3.It is mainly used as a cladding layer (or made into an alloy) to enhance the corrosion resistance of metallic materials, and is widely used in electronic devices.2.jpg

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