Огнетушитель на 105 градусов для нового энергосберегающего аккумулятора быстрая ответ низкая

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Описание и отзывы


Product Description

105 degree automatic thin sticker fire extinguisher
This kind of fire extinguishing and re ignition resistant material is a kind of composite material, which not only has all the advantages of perfluorohexanone in temperature reduction and resistance, fire and explosion prevention, anti re ignition, insulation, environmental protection and safety, but also has the unique properties of the composite material.

working principle

working principle

Perfluorohexanone is a colorless liquid at room temperature, with a boiling point of 49.2 ℃, which is very easy to vaporize. Perfluorohexanone will take away a lot of heat in the vaporization process, so that the temperature will drop rapidly, and the effect of cooling and temperature resistance can be achieved by endothermic absorption.

Our Advantages

(1) Automatically detect the temperature of the protective space.
(2) After reaching the early warning temperature, perfluorohexanone vaporizes quickly to take away heat and reduce the temperature low,then the fire puts out .
(3) It is small in size and does not occupy space, but it can provide sufficient protective energy. It can be installed in all kinds of narrow, complex and flammable spaces or equipment
(4)Simple installation, without power supply, smoke / temperature detector, complex pipeline and other auxiliary accessories, strong magnetic design, one second installation



Available Model

Product makes
Product size
Fire extinguishing principle
temperature drop and isolate oxygen
Starting temperature
ambient temperature
Fire extinguishing type
A  B  C   E
Fire extinguishing type
gas fire extinguishing
Protective volume
term of validity
five  years
Installation mode
magnetic attraction
Product notice
 Support overlay use

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