Огнестойкая многослойная волоконная плита 1600c для обжига поликристаллическая

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1600c Fire Resistant Mullite Fiber Board For Kiln Polycrystalline Alumina Fibre Board

Alumina fiber board is made of alumina fiber bulk, compressed together with organic and inorganic adhesives by wet vacuum forming process. it has characteristics of excellent strength, anti-scouring, easy to processing and cutting. As a multi-purpose product, alumina fiber board can be applied to high temperature heat surface of furnace lining to reduce energy cost.

Classification Temperature
1600 ℃
1700 ℃
1800 ℃
1900 ℃
Working Temperature
≤1450 ℃
≤1550 ℃
≤1650 ℃
≤1750 ℃
Thermal Conductivity
0.08 - 0.24 W/m.k
Permanent Linear Shrinkage
1400℃*24H ≤ 2%
1500℃*24H ≤ 2%
1600℃*24H ≤ 2%
1700℃*24H ≤ 2%
400 - 600 kgs/m3
Al2O3 + SiO2
1000/900 * 600/500 * (20 - 150) mm

High temperature furnace and kiln lining and backing
High temperature fire damper and sealing
Fireproof and insulation
Aerospace industry
High-temperature laboratory muffle furnace

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