Бутылки для напитков с гладкой текстурой по заводской

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Products Description

Japan Coca cola bevarages
Ayataka tea-A higher-grade authentic tea that realizes the original "turbid color" and "puffy taste that leaves the taste on the tongue"

LO·HA·SU(Mineral water)-I·LO·HA·SU is soft water with a hardness of less than 100 mg / l.Thorough heat sterilization and aseptic filling during the manufacturing process.Carefully check radioactive substances with a strict inspection system,It always maintains a high level of safety. In addition, there are other flavor such as orange, peach, pear so on.

Georgia-Japan TOP brand of CAN coffee. the taste is created by coffee bean from all over the word. it match with any location such as work, home, school.

KOCHA KADEN-it is the best choice during taking a blake. the taste is not only normal tea(No sugar and Milk tea) but also there are many fruit flavor tea. you can enjoy your relaxing time.

Product Name
Japan Coca cola bevarages
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Product Usage

Daily Soft Drink

Company Profile

JSC HOKKAIDO Corporation has established in 2015 by Hokkaido bank aiming for delivering Hokkaido valuable products to overseas . Using Hokkaido bank network, we cooperate with many suppliers.
We offer ~
-Fishery products
-Hokkaido wagyu meat
-Agricurtual products
-Processed foods

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