Японский консалтинговый сервис для выращивания грибов shiitake, промышленный бизнес-рынок

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Product Information

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Shiitake mushroom cultivation consulting
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Brand Name

<Shiitake mushroom cultivation consulting service>
Under our “made in Japan” brand, Hokken supports the production of Shiitake mushrooms worldwide with our superior varieties and cultivation techniques.
For newcomers to this industry, we offer comprehensive consulting services ranging from facility planning to the production and sale of Shiitake mushrooms to assist with getting your new business on track.
We also offer cultivation consulting services to companies currently engaged in the cultivation of Shiitake mushrooms according to their needs, including raising product quality and yield.
Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested in the cultivation of Shiitake mushrooms or if you have any specific requests.

〇A case study of our Shiitake mushroom cultivation consulting service
A Shiitake mushroom plant with an annual production volume of 750t Description of our cultivation consulting service
・Supplying Shiitake mushroom varieties
・Selecting appropriate tree species
・Providing guidance for starter cultures and the production of mushroom beds
・Providing guidance for cultivation
・Supporting the sale of Shiitake mushrooms, etc.\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t

Shiitake plant designed and constructed by our cultivation consulting

Our annual consulting charges are $10,000 + (number of mushroom beds produced)×$0.20.
Travel and transportation expenses will be charged separately.

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Company Information

Our mission is to create the future of the mushroom industry and widely contribute to society.

HOKKEN CO., LTD. is a global integrated mushroom company that designs and constructs facilities required for the production of mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms, provides varieties and equipment for cultivation, and even provides cultivating consulting services as part of its business scope. This company’s strengths are its outstanding ability to develop varieties of mushrooms, technical ability to stabilize variety performances, and technological development capability to create new cultivations.Hokken 600, which was registered as the first variety of shiitake for mushroom bed cultivation in the world in 1988, is used by many manufacturers in Japan even now using this company’s performance-stabilizing technology even after 30 years have passed.

Also, the patented technology and equipment developed by this company has greatly improved the quality and yield of shiitake mushrooms produced in Japan, such as surface cultivation, which is a patented technology that is used by 80% of shiitake manufacturers that are clients of this company. Now, 50% of shiitake mushrooms that are produced in Japan use this company’s varieties and its shares have become No. 1 in Japan. Based on its brand made in Japan, it helps the production of mushrooms all over the world with its outstanding varieties and cultivation technology.

It helps those newly entering the market with comprehensive consulting until their business successfully gets on track, from facility planning to mushroom production and sales. It also helps those already cultivating mushrooms by providing cultivating consulting services catering to requests such as wanting to improve quality and yield. If you are interested in mushroom production or have something you wish to discuss, please feel free to inquire.

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