WY-S серии водонагреватель

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Product Description

Thermostat Features:
1) WY-S thermostat expansive series (high-temperature thermostat);
2) Widely used for electric water heaters, washers, electric ovens, fried pans and water boilers;
3) Designed temperature range: 50-100C;
4) On-off temperature difference: 2 - 15;
5) Rated at 15A / 250V, 50 / 60HZ;
6) The center of installing hole: 28±0.25mm;
7) Operating life: ≥100,000 times;
8) Manufactured on request WY- S manual reset heater-breaker series.It is widely used for electric water heater,etc.
1)designed temperature range:85~135;
2)on-off temperature difference:2~15 2)rated at 20A/250V 50/60HZ;
3)operating life:no less than 100,000times;
4)manufactured on customer request TypeAction Temperature (°C )Switch TypeMax Temp of Sensor (°C )Capillary tube
(mm)OFFDIFFWY-S3110 ± 6Manual ResetDPST1501250WY-S595 ± 5Manual ResetDPST150400WY-S15103.5 ± 6.5Manual ResetDPST150400WY-S19114 ±
6Manual ResetDPST150400WY-SA103.5 ± 6.5Manual ResetDPST150400

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