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Wholesale superdry container desiccant dry pole 1 kg DMF free



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TOP ONE DRY Desiccants are designed to be environmental friendly.It has a one way non-woven material to absorb the surrounding moisture.


     Last for 60 Days and the moisture rate 200%

    Will turn into gel after adsorption and will not leak out

    Used the high quality eco-friendly material

    Operating temperature range: (10--90°C)

    Non-toxic,no pollution to environment Silica Gel Raw Material


The active ingredients in our desiccants absorb moisture from its surrounding environment and turn it into gel. With our double bag system, it increases protection and eliminate any potential leakage. Available in sizes of 500 gms and 1,000 gms The desiccants are designed in a hanger way to allow you to hang it in the wardrobe, metals, electronic goods and cargo container.

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