Лопасти и лопасти газовой турбины

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We are original manufacturer for all kinds of blades (with length below 72 inch), so we can provide you with the very same spare parts of steam turbine as the original manufacturer can do. 

Five/seven forks type root blade

Gas turbine rotor blade

Gas turbine stator blade

Longitudinal tree leaf root blade

Mushroom type root blade

T-root blade

Blades of other types could be processed with your drawings!



Product Show



















Equipment Show

1.NC high speed crankshaft milling machine

NC high speed crankshaft mill machine.jpg



2. Five axis CNC machines


five axis CNC machine.jpg




3. Four axis CNC machines


Four axis CNC machine.jpg




4. Hamuel CNC


hamuel CNC.jpg



5.  Integrated mill turn center


integrated mill turn center.jpg




6. LG Mazak vertical CNC


LG mazak vertical CNC.jpg




7. Mazak horizontal CNC



mazak horizontal CNC.jpg




8. Shot peening


shot peen machine.jpg








Test Equipment Show

 1. frequency measurement instrument


frequency tester.jpg



2. Magnaflux machine


magnaflux machine.jpg



3. Two dimensional projector

two dimensional projector.jpg





Production Capacity

Japan Mazak horizontal center

Japan Mazak high-speed stand machining center

Japan Mori Seiki integrated  milling turn center

Germany HAMUEL five-linkage turbine blade milling machine

Beijing mechanical Institute five-axis machining center

seven special fork blade root milling

blade root arc milling


two-dimensional projector

frequency measurement instrument

shot peening


We can manufacture over 100 thousand blades per year!








Other Spare Parts


- Moving Blades of Rotor;

- HP/IP/LP Gland Sealings;

- HP/IP/LP Diaphragms;

- Seal Rings;

- Couplings between Steam Turbine and Generator;

- Spcial Studs and Nuts;

- Bolts and Nuts of Turbine Casings;

- Bolts and Nuts of Diaphragms;

- Thrust Bearings and Surport Bearings;

- Gaskets, Srews, Keys, Pins, Washers, Grooved gaskets;

- Turning Gear;

- Babbit Metal Lined Bearings;

- Stem, Disc, Pilot and Sleeve of Main Steam Stop Valves, Combined Steam Valves, Governing Valves;

- Actuators of Control System;

- Steam Strainer;

- Start up Oil Pump and Spare Parts;

- Jacking Oil Pump and Spare Parts;

- Main Oil Pump and Spare Parts;

- Emergency Oil Pump and Spare Parts;

- Condensate Pump and Spare Parts;

- Jet Water Pump and Spare Parts;

- Drainage Pump and Spare Parts;

- Spare Parts of Circulating Water Pump;

- Spare Parts of DEH, TSI, ETS;






Company Profile

We, Dongturbo Electric Company Ltd.(DTEC). DTEC is an international corporation, with its headquarter in Chengdu, China, and manufacturing bases in Deyang and Kunming, China, mainly engaged in the manufacturing of power & electric equipments, EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning), and export and import business. DTEC also has branches and joint venture in Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippine. Our business scope covers EPC, supply equipment and materials for thermal power inc luding boiler, turbine, generator and their auxiliaries, BOP, electric and C& I etc.; EPC and equipment supply for PV, thermal solar power, Wind & PV hybrid and energy storage system.; spare parts supply and power plant overhaul and maintenance;

We have established close partner relationship with design institute, manufacturers, erection company, traders and end customers both in China and all over the world. 

We actively and continuously engaged in the domestic and global electrical markets. Our professional Engineering, Project Management etc. contributed to the success of the contracted projects, meanwhile, we also shared a lot from those success, we became one of the technical expertise for systematic solution for power industry.

We are willing to grow with our customers, and we always believe our success can only rely on the success of our customer. We are always prepared to provide the best solution to our customer, provide the best service to our customer, and make the most gain to our customer.









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